Full PokerStars EPT Prague Schedule; Festival Just Three Weeks Away!

The European Poker Tour (EPT) finally returns to Prague next month, after nearly three years since its last visit to the Czech Republic capital. Running from March 5-16, poker players from all over the world will flock to the King’s Casino Prague, Hilton Prague Hotel to take part in the first instalment of the EPT 2022 season.

Originally set to run December 8-19 at King’s Casino at the Hilton Prague. PokerStars were forced to make the tough decision to postpone the event following the Czech Republic entering a State of Emergency on November 25 because of the pandemic. The new dates for the event were announced last December, with the live poker festival featuring tournaments with buy ins ranging from €330 all the way up to €50,000.

Thankfully, EPT Prague has had the green light and will run as currently scheduled as the first major PokerStars live event of 2022. However, there are some measures from the Czech Republic government that players must take to ensure they’re able to take their seat at the table.

The current situation is as follows:

  • Players DO NOT need a covid-certificate like proof of vaccination or a test to attend the EPT Prague event. However, please keep an eye on the most up to date travel to the Czech Republic conditions.
  • All persons entering the Hilton Prague casino must undergo a temperature scan.
  • A respirator face mask (e.g. KN95) wearing is compulsory when in the casino and when playing at the tables.

For players who have specific questions, they are advised to contact either [email protected] or [email protected].

Qualify for EPT Prague Online

Parker Talbot
PokerStars Ambassador Parker \”tonkaaaa\” Talbot

PokerStars is making sure as many people qualify for EPT Prague as possible. They’re doing this by running a plethora of online poker satellite tournaments to the European Poker Tour Main Event and EPT National.

Over 90 players have already secured their place in the Main Event for a fraction of the price. Some of the notable names on that shortlist include PokerStars ambassador Parker “tonkaaaa” Talbot, Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford and the newly crowned World No. 1 Online MTT Player Patrick “pads1161” Leonard.

Direct satellites to the €5,300 Main Event take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday on PokerStars and all begin at 8:10 p.m. GMT (3:10 p.m. ET; 9:10 p.m. CET). Entry costs €530 and each EPT package won is worth €7,200.

Players with modest bankrolls can work their way up to get their hands on their EPT Main Event ticket by qualifying through a series of sub-satellite tournaments. There are freerolls from which you can pilot your way to the €22 qualifier. Those who get over this hurdle then find themselves in the €530 qualifier which is where you are playing for your EPT package.

The EPT National Main Event is another event online poker players can satellite into from the comfort of their own homes. This tournament comes with a buy-in of €1,100 and is often the most attended event.

Direct satellites for this event have a €162 buy-in with the prize being a €2,500 EPT Package. These tournaments also take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and have a slightly earlier start time of 7:35 p.m. GMT (2:35 p.m. ET; 8:35 p.m. CET). Like the Main Event, players can get to this qualifier by navigating through a series of sub-satellite events.

There will undoubtedly be live poker satellites for several events at the Hilton Prague during the European Poker Tour Prague festival.

To find all available satellites: Go to the main PokerStars client and click the following tabs:

Events > Live > Europe > EPT Prague > All satellites

EPT National Main Event Schedule

Date Time (CET) Buy-In Event
Sun, March 6 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Day 1/A
Sun, March 6 19:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Day 1/B
Mon, March 7 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Day 1/C
Mon, March 7 19:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Day 1/D
Tue, March 8 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Day 2
Wed, March 9 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Day 3
Thu, March 10 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Final

EPT Prague Main Event Schedule

Date Time (CET) Buy-In Event
Thu, March 10 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Day 1/A
Fri, March 11 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Day 1/B
Sat, March 12 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Day 2
Sun, March 13 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Day 3
Mon, March 14 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Day 4
Tue, March 15 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Day 5
Wed, March 16 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Final

Mystery Bounty Tournament Makes EPT Debut

Mystery Bounty

To help make EPT Prague an occasion to remember, PokerStars has scheduled a Mystery Bounty tournament to take place at the Hilton Prague during the festival.

Mystery Bounty tournaments have taken the MTT world by storm since its inception at the Wynn Summer Classic, but the Czech Republic will see the first event of its kind on the European Poker Tour.

The EPT Prague Mystery Bounty tournament has a €2,700 buy-in, with €1,925 going into the regular prize pool and €500 being allocated for the Mystery Bounty pool. The Mystery Bounty gimmick comes into play on Day 2, where each remaining player is given a bounty token.

If a player knocks an opponent out, they win their bounty token. The player will then hand in their newly won token to the cash desk where they will then randomly select an envelope containing a cash prize. The minimum a player can win is €500 but it could be much more than that. There is also the potential that one envelope will contain a €50,000 prize!

In October 2021, Donald Nimneh, a truck driver based in Omaha, Nebraska won €250,000 from the $2,200 Mystery Bounty at the 2021 Wynn Fall Classic.

Mystery Bounty Tournament Schedule

Date Time (CET) Buy-In Event
Sat, March 12 12:30 €2,700 #32 NL Hold’em – Mystery Bounty – Day 1
Sun, March 13 12:30 €2,700 #32 NL Hold’em – Mystery Bounty – Day 2
Mon, March 14 12:30 €2,700 #32 NL Hold’em – Mystery Bounty – Final

PokerStars Enters Partnership With Red Bull Racing

PokerNews at EPT Prague

The PokerNews live reporting team will also be making their way to EPT Prague, providing live updates from 11 different events. Some of the marquee events on our schedule include the €1,100 EPT National, €5,300 EPT Main Event and €50,000 EPT Super High Roller

EPT Prague Live Reporting Hub

The PokerNews live reporting team are on the ground for the latest stop on the European Poker Tour. Be sure to check out the action as it happens.

EPT Prague History

Year Event Entrants Main Event Winner Country Prize
2007 EPT Prague 555 Arnaud Mattern France €708,400
2008 EPT Prague 570 Salvatore Bonavena Italy €774,000
2009 EPT Prague 506 Jan Skampa Czech Republic €682,000
2010 EPT Prague 563 Roberto Romanello United Kingdom €640,000
2011 EPT Prague 722 Martin Finger Germany €720,000
2012 EPT Prague 864 Ramzi Jelassi Sweden €835,000
2013 EPT Prague 1,037 Julian Track Germany €725,700
2014 EPT Prague 1,107 Stephen Graner United States €969,000
2015 EPT Prague 1,044 Hossein Ensan Iran €754,510
2016 EPT Prague 1,192 Jasper Meijer van Putten Netherlands €699,300
2018 EPT Prague 1,174 Paul Michaelis Germany €840,000
2019 EPT Prague 1,154 Mikalai Pobal Belarus €1,005,600
Mikalai Pobal wins the 2019 EPT Prague Main Event
Mikalai Pobal wins the 2019 EPT Prague Main Event

Mikalai Pobal Makes History; Becomes Second EPT Two-Time Champion

Enjoy EPT Prague With a $600 Bonus

New depositing PokerStars customers can claim a welcome bonus worth up to $600. Download PokerStars via PokerNews, create your free online poker account, and decide how much you want to deposit. Your deposit is matched 100% up to $600 in the form of a bonus. Your first three deposits in the first 60-days after making your first deposit are matched up to a combined total of $600.

The bonus releases into your playable balance in $10 increments each time you generate 180 redemption points, which in turn are earned at a rate of five per $1 contributed to the cash game rake or spent on tournament fees (6.5 points per £1, 5.5 points per €1, and four points per CAD$).

EPT Prague Full Schedule

Date Time (CET) Buy-In Event
Sat, March 5 19:00 €10,200 #1 NL Hold’em – Knockout (€5,000 Bounty) – Single Re-Entry Day 1
Sat, March 5 19:00 €1,100 #2 NL Hold’em – Freezeout Day 1
Sat, March 5 19:00 €125 #3 NL Hold’em – €1,100 Qualifier – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sat, March 5 22:00 €550 #4 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo – Freezeout
Sun, March 6 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Single Re-Entry Per Flight Day 1/A
Sun, March 6 12:00 €240 #6 NL Hold’em – €1,100 Qualifier (€100 Bounty) – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sun, March 6 12:30 €10,200 #1 NL Hold’em – Knockout (€5,000 Bounty) – Single Re-Entry Final
Sun, March 6 12:30 €1,100 #2 NL Hold’em – Freezeout Final
Sun, March 6 16:00 €250 #7 NL Hold’em – €1,100 Qualifier – ‘Win Your Seat @ 50,000 chips’ – Freezeout
Sun, March 6 19:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Single Re-Entry Per Flight Day 1/B
Sun, March 6 22:00 €1,100 #8 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo – Freezeout
Mon, March 7 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Single Re-Entry Per Flight Day 1/C
Mon, March 7 12:30 €10,200 #9 NL Hold’em – Single Re-Entry
Mon, March 7 19:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Single Re-Entry Per Flight Day 1/D
Mon, March 7 21:00 €1,200 #10 EPT Main Event Qualifier – ‘Win Your Seat @ 50,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Freezeout
Tue, March 8 12:00 €330 #12 NL Hold’em – National Cup – Single Re-Entry Per Flight – Play to 5% Day 1/A
Tue, March 8 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Single Re-Entry Per Flight Day 2
Tue, March 8 12:30 €25,000 #11 NL Hold’em – Unlimited Re-Entry
Tue, March 8 15:00 €1,150 #13 EPT Main Event Qualifier (€500 Bounty) – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Tue, March 8 18:00 €330 #12 NL Hold’em – National Cup – Single Re-Entry Per Flight – Play to 5% Day 1/B
Tue, March 8 22:00 €2,150 #14 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo Knockout (€1,000) – Freezeout
Wed, March 9 12:00 €250 #15 NL Hold’em – Qualifier to #16 – ‘Win your seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Wed, March 9 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Single Re-Entry Per Flight Day 3
Wed, March 9 12:30 €2,200 #16 NL Hold’em – National High Roller – Single Re-Entry Day 1
Wed, March 9 12:30 €50,000 #17 NL Hold’em – EPT Super High Roller – Unlimited Re-Entry Day 1
Wed, March 9 12:30 €330 #12 NL Hold’em – National Cup – Single Re-Entry Per Flight – Play to 5% Final
Wed, March 9 18:00 €2,300 #18 EPT Main Event Qualifier (€1,000 Bounty) – ‘Win Your Seat @ 50,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Freezeout
Wed, March 9 21:00 €600 #19 EPT Main Event Qualifier – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY- Unlimited Re-Entry
Thu, March 10 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Single Re-Entry Day 1/A
Thu, March 10 12:00 €550 #21 8-Game – Single Re-Entry
Thu, March 10 12:00 €1,100 #5 NL Hold’em – EPT National Main Event – Single Re-Entry Per Flight Final
Thu, March 10 12:30 €2,200 #16 NL Hold’em – National High Roller – Single Re-Entry Final
Thu, March 10 12:30 €50,000 #17 NL Hold’em – EPT Super High Roller – Unlimited Re-Entry Day 2
Thu, March 10 14:00 €1,200 #22 EPT Main Event Qualifier – ‘Win Your Seat @ 50,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Freezeout
Thu, March 10 17:00 €600 #23 EPT Main Event Qualifier – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Thu, March 10 22:00 €2,650 #24 NL Hold’em – Qualifier to #26, #37 or #52 (any €25,000) – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Thu, March 10 22:00 €1,100 #25 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo – Freezeout
Fri, March 11 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Single Re-Entry Day 1/B
Fri, March 11 12:30 €25,000 #26 NL Hold’em – Unlimited Re-Entry
Fri, March 11 12:30 €1,100 #27 PL Omaha – Single Re-Entry Day 1
Fri, March 11 12:30 €50,000 #17 NL Hold’em – EPT Super High Roller – Unlimited Re-Entry Final
Fri, March 11 20:00 €2,150 #28 NL Hold’em – Single Re-Entry
Fri, March 11 22:00 €550 #29 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo – Freezeout
Sat, March 12 10:00 €300 #30 NL Hold’em – Qualifier to #32 (Mystery Bounty) – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sat, March 12 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Single Re-Entry Day 2
Sat, March 12 12:30 €25,000 #31 NL Hold’em – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sat, March 12 12:30 €2,700 #32 NL Hold’em – Second Chance – Mystery Bounty (€500 Mystery Bounty) – Unlimited Re-Entry Day 1
Sat, March 12 12:30 €1,100 #27 PL Omaha – Single Re-Entry Final
Sat, March 12 13:00 €5,200 #33 PL Omaha – Single Re-Entry
Sat, March 12 20:00 €1,100 #34 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo – Freezeout
Sat, March 12 22:00 €2,650 #35 NL Hold’em – Qualifier to #37 or #52 (any €25,000) – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sun, March 13 12:00 €2,150 #36 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo Knockout (€1,000) – Freezeout
Sun, March 13 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Single Re-Entry Day 3
Sun, March 13 12:30 €25,000 #37 NL Hold’em – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sun, March 13 12:30 €2,700 #32 NL Hold’em – Second Chance – Mystery Bounty (€500 Mystery Bounty) – Unlimited Re-Entry Day 2
Sun, March 13 14:00 €1,100 #38 NL Hold’em – Single Re-Entry Day 1
Sun, March 13 16:00 €1,150 #39 EPT High Roller Qualifier #46, – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sun, March 13 18:00 €1,100 #40 NL Hold’em – Short Deck 6+ Unlimited Re-Entry Day 1
Sun, March 13 20:00 €1,150 #41 EPT High Roller Qualifier #46, – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Sun, March 13 22:00 €1,100 #42 NL NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo Knockout (€500) – Freezeout
Mon, March 14 12:00 €1,150 #43 EPT High Roller Qualifier #46, – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Mon, March 14 12:00 €550 #44 H-O-R-S-E – Single Re-Entry
Mon, March 14 12:00 €250 #45 NL Hold’em – Qualifier to #47 – ‘Win Your Seat @ 50,000 chips’ – Freezeout
Mon, March 14 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Single Re-Entry Day 4
Mon, March 14 12:30 €10,300 #46 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague High Roller – Single Re-Entry Day 1
Mon, March 14 12:30 €1,100 #38 NL Hold’em – Single Re-Entry Final
Mon, March 14 12:30 €2,700 #32 NL Hold’em – Second Chance – Mystery Bounty (€500 Mystery Bounty) – Unlimited Re-Entry Final
Mon, March 14 14:00 €1,100 #47 NL Hold’em – Freezeout Day 1
Mon, March 14 14:00 €1,100 #40 NL Hold’em – Short Deck 6+ Unlimited Re-Entry Final
Mon, March 14 18:00 €330 #48 NL Hold’em – Deep Stack – Unlimited Re-Entry – Play to 5% Day 1/A
Mon, March 14 22:00 €2,150 #49 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo Knockout (€1,000) – Freezeout
Tue, March 15 12:00 €250 #50 NL Hold’em – Qualifier to #51 – ‘Win Your Seat @ 100,000 chips’ – SEAT ONLY – Unlimited Re-Entry
Tue, March 15 12:00 €330 #48 NL Hold’em – Deep Stack – Unlimited Re-Entry – Play to 5% Day 1/B
Tue, March 15 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Single Re-Entry Day 5
Tue, March 15 12:30 €1,100 #47 NL Hold’em – Freezeout Final
Tue, March 15 12:30 €10,300 #46 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague High Roller – Single Re-Entry Day 2
Tue, March 15 14:00 €2,200 #51 NL Hold’em – Deep Stack – Single Re-Entry Day 1
Tue, March 15 17:00 €330 #48 NL Hold’em – Deep Stack – Unlimited Re-Entry – Play to 5% Day 1/C
Tue, March 15 20:00 €25,000 #52 NL Hold’em – Unlimited Re-Entry Day 1
Tue, March 15 22:00 €1,100 #53 NL Hold’em – Hyper Turbo – Freezeout
Wed, March 16 12:00 €2,200 #51 NL Hold’em – Deep Stack – Single Re-Entry Final
Wed, March 16 12:00 €330 #48 NL Hold’em – Deep Stack – Unlimited Re-Entry – Play to 5% Final
Wed, March 16 12:00 €5,300 #20 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague Main Event – Single Re-Entry Final
Wed, March 16 12:30 €220 #54 NL Hold’em – Unlimited Re-Entry
Wed, March 16 12:30 €10,300 #46 NL Hold’em – EPT Prague High Roller – Single Re-Entry Final
Wed, March 16 13:00 €25,000 #52 NL Hold’em – Unlimited Re-Entry Final
Wed, March 16 14:00 €2,150 #55 NL Hold’em – 6 Handed – Unlimited Re-Entry
Wed, March 16 16:00 €5,200 #56 NL Hold’em – 6 Handed – Unlimited Re-Entry
Wed, March 16 18:00 €1,100 #57 NL Hold’em – Super Hyper Turbo – Freezeout
Name Surname
Calum Grant

Editor & Live Reporter

Calum has been a part of the PokerNews team since September 2021 after working in the UK energy sector. He played his first hand of poker in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the game. Calum’s proudest poker achievement is winning the only tournament he has ever played in Las Vegas, the prestigious $60 Flamingo evening event.

Top 10 International locations the place Online Gambling is Well known

On line casino game titles and gambling have been quite well known for decades. And with the advent of engineering, casinos have doubled the influence on the gambling sector. Right now, several bettors can indulge in a casino sport without visiting a physical on line casino. Even though that is the situation, on line casino games and gambling are not legal in selected nations, which also affects the operation of online casinos in these nations.

Interestingly, now numerous of the nations around the world that have noticed a , are not what you would have imagined they would have been many years in the past. Even so, a cautious search at all of them reveals that there is a common denominator – highly developed engineering. As technological know-how proceeds to advance at an impressive pace, we no doubt be expecting to see more nations legalizing and supporting the development of on line casinos in their locations.

There are even now so many international locations in which . In this article, folks can gamble by browsing a on line casino or becoming a member of online casino platforms. This write-up presents a in-depth record of some of the major nations around the world wherever on line gambling can take heart stage.

  1. Germany

Even although Germany has specific guidelines with regards to on the web gaming, Germans appreciate betting. This has gained them a record as just one of the top on line casino nations around the world across Europe and globally. For a nation with about 83 million and just one of the strongest global economies, Germany leads the chart with above 139,000 online on line casino individuals. In accordance to on line on line casino statistics, Germans spend about on on the internet casino and gambling web pages.

  1. Canada

Canada is a different country with data of on-line casino individuals. With a population of about 38 million, around . Whilst Canada does not have a foremost history of on the web casino individuals, at least 5% of its populace engages in on line game titles annually.

  1. United Kingdom

A good selection of British citizens use and stop by on-line casinos annually. With a inhabitants of 67 million, . This amount amounts to about 11% of the complete Uk populace. It is not surprising that a lot of British men and women enjoy online casino gambling. This can be ascribed to Britain’s on line gambling safety policy, which assures a dependable and safe gambling ambiance for citizens.

GGY of the casino gambling industry in UK (2010-2020)
GGY of the casino gambling marketplace in United kingdom (2010-2020)
  1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is 1 of those nations around the world the place on the net gambling is legalized, which means citizens and residents can indulge in on the internet betting. The Dutch gambling authority manufactured gambling licenses available to .

With a inhabitants of 17 million, 50,000 individuals dwelling in the Netherlands freely indulge in on line casinos, producing it just one of the countries with on the web casino attractiveness.

  1. Sweden

On the listing of top rated countries with an online on line casino, popularity is Sweden. With a populace of 10 million Swedish citizens and citizens, 38,000 take part in on the internet casinos, which retains the casinos flourishing. The development of the gambling sector because of to the impression of on the net casinos has been evident to all in Sweden, Interestingly, it can only get much better for them and that is why each individual finger appears crossed anticipating much more from on line casino card video games in the potential.

  1. United States

It can be not possible to speak about online casinos and gambling devoid of possessing the United States of America on the record. Though gambling and on the internet on line casino limits exist in some states, there are nevertheless states like Colorado, New Jersey, and some others in which on line casinos are legalized. With 330 million citizens and people, 44,000 People take part in on-line gambling. It could be argued that its record effects from certain gambling and betting limitations in some US states.

  1. Italy

Italy has the historic history of opening just one of the first casinos globally, and gambling and betting have experienced a unfavorable standing in Italy about time (reads right here). This has enhanced as in excess of 24,400 Italians, and inhabitants gamble in on line casinos in latest yrs. With a constantly increasing inhabitants, it is not shocking to see Italy showcasing on this record and the figure keeps going up by the working day.

  1. Australia

Australia is another region on the listing of major on-line casinos with a populace of 26 million, about 7,400 Australians take a look at on line casinos, which is about 2% of the complete population. Astonishingly, regardless of the raise in the selection of people today who use on the net casinos, to area their bets.

Some numerical (yearly) statistics on gambling in Australia
Some numerical (annually) stats on gambling in Australia (supply: statista.com)
  1. Mexico

Mexico is also among the listing of nations with main on the internet casino acceptance. For a place of 130 million, around 21,500 Mexicans gamble and guess in on line casinos yearly.

  1. Spain

The record is incomplete without the need of mentioning Spain. Spain has a populace of 47 million, and 20,500 of its citizens pay a visit to online casinos annually, which quantities to about 6% of its complete inhabitants.

Whilst there are so quite a few other nations around the world where by on the web casinos are in the highlight, the higher than-mentioned are some of the countries top on the recognition chart.

Powerball: Everything You Need To Know

Powerball is the lotto game bringing you Australia’s largest jackpots and biggest individual prizes!

Read this guide on how to play Powerball before you buy your Powerball ticket in Thursday’s draw. We cover everything you need to know about Powerball.

What is Powerball?

Modelled on the famous American lottery, Powerball is a unique lotto game that features balls drawn from two separate barrels. Powerball division prizes are all of different amounts. However, the Powerball has a guaranteed minimum Division 1 prize pool of $3 million — and reached a record $150 million jackpot in September 2019.

How do I play Powerball?

Playing Powerball is simple. Take a look at this step-by-step guide on how to play Powerball:

  1. First, decide how you want to play: There are a number of different ways to play. You can choose from a marked entry, QuickPick, System, Pick, PowerHit, PowerHit System and PowerHit Pick entry (more on these different types of entries below).
  2. Choose your numbers: You need to choose 7 numbers from 1 to 35.
  3. Choose 1 Powerball number: from 1 to 20 in a single game panel.
  4. Purchase your ticket: You can buy your Powerball ticket online or through the Oz Lotteries mobile app.
  5. Enter the draw: before Thursday, 7:25pm AEST and 8:25PM AEDT. This is when the draw closes.

Where do I buy Powerball tickets?

Buying your Powerball ticket is simple and straightforward. You can buy your Powerball ticket from the Oz Lotteries website or our easy-to-use Oz Lotteries mobile app. This means you can play anywhere at any time.

You can also buy a Powerball ticket from a registered reseller, such as your local newsagent.

How much does it cost to play Powerball?

The minimum Powerball cost to play is $5.40. You can purchase a Standard ticket from $5.40 for 4 games.

However, Powerball prices will vary based on the game type. For example, the minimum cost of a PowerHit entry is $27 for one game. The more games you would like to play, the more your ticket will cost.

How many numbers to win Powerball?

To win Powerball, you need at least 2 winning numbers from the first barrel as well as the Powerball number from the second barrel. Alternatively, you can win Powerball without getting the Powerball number if you select 5, 6 or 7 of the winning numbers from the first barrel. Your numbers can be in any order. How many numbers in Powerball you need to win a Division will depend on the Division number.

There are different types of tickets you can choose to play, some of which can increase your odds of winning Powerball. For example, a PowerHit ticket guarantees you the Powerball number.

You could also opt to join a Powerball Syndicate, which is another way to increase your chances of winning Powerball.

Powerball divisions

There are 9 different Powerball divisions. Division 9 has the best odds of winning.

The winning 7 Powerball numbers are randomly selected from a pool of 35 balls numbered 1 to 35. Then, the winning Powerball number is randomly selected from a pool of 20 balls numbered 1 to 20. To win Division 1, you need all 7 matching numbers to win in Powerball plus the Powerball number. You must match at least 2 numbers plus the Powerball number to win the lowest Powerball Division prize, Division 9.

Division 1 7 numbers + the Powerball
Division 2 7 numbers
Division 3 6 numbers + the Powerball
Division 4 6 winning numbers
Division 5 5 numbers + the Powerball
Division 6 4 numbers + the Powerball
Division 7 5 numbers
Division 8 3 numbers + the Powerball
Division 9 2 numbers + the Powerball

Different types of Powerball games

How does Powerball work? Powerball is both easy and flexible to play. There are a number of different ways you can play depending on your preference and your budget. You can play Powerball online or purchase your ticket through a reseller.

Standard entry

With a Standard entry, you can choose to play a QuickPick or with your own numbers.

A QuickPick is the easiest way to play Powerball, where your numbers are generated randomly for you and the number of games is set.

But choosing your own numbers gives you more control over how you play, as you can select the exact amount of games you want to play and what numbers.

System entry

A System entry increases your odds of winning Powerball and can also give you the chance to win across multiple divisions.

With a Standard entry, you need to select 7 numbers from the first barrel as well as the Powerball number. With a System entry, you’re able to choose 8 to 20 numbers, rather than just 7, giving you more chances to win.

There are also PowerHit System entries, which guarantee you the Powerball and also allow you to choose from 8 to 15 numbers from the first barrel.

PowerHit entry

A PowerHit entry guarantees you the winning Powerball number. However, you will still need to select your own numbers for the first barrel or have them randomly generated for you with a QuickPick.

Pick entry

There are 3 types of Pick entries: Pick entry, PowerHit Pick 5 entry and PowerHit Pick 6 entry.

A Pick entry guarantees you 1 or 2 winning numbers. Whereas a PowerHit Pick 5 or a PowerHit Pick 6 guarantees you 1 or 2 winning numbers from the main barrel as well as the Powerball.

AutoPlay entry

You can also choose to play for multiple draws or set up a recurring entry, or both.

Play for multiple draws for up to 10 weeks using the same ticket. Or AutoPlay your entry to ensure you never miss out on a draw! An AutoPlay entry can be based on your preferences, whether you want to enter every draw or only when a certain jackpot amount is reached.

How to play PowerHit in Powerball and increase your odds

So, what is a PowerHit in Powerball? A PowerHit ticket increases your chances of winning Powerball by guaranteeing you have the winning Powerball number. You’ll still need to choose the first 7 numbers for the main barrel, however. You can do this by selecting the numbers yourself or choosing a QuickPick that randomly generates numbers for you.

You will receive 20 games with a PowerHit, with 20 different Powerball numbers. The Powerball can only be a number between 1 and 20, so you’re guaranteed to get the winning number in 1 of those games! This is why PowerHit odds are higher than some other Powerball games.

The minimum cost of a PowerHit entry is $27.

You can play a Powerball Syndicate with a PowerHit entry, simply called a PowerHit Syndicate. Playing a Powerball Syndicate is also one way of increasing your chances of winning.

We have created an animated video to help explain what exactly a PowerHit is to help give you a better understanding of how it works.

Powerball prizes and jackpots

There are 9 different Powerball divisions. The Division 1 prize pool every week has a minimum of $3 million prize money. The highest Powerball jackpot reached $150 million in September 2019.

The Division 1 prize pool rolls over each week if the jackpot isn’t won. It resets only once it’s been won. The only way to win Division 1 is to match all 7 numbers from the main barrel as well as the Powerball number.

Weeks Without Jackpot Jackpot Prize
1 $3,000,000
2 $8,000,000
3 $20,000,000
4 $40,000,000
5 $60,000,000
6 $80,000,000
7 $100,000,000
8 $150,000,000

Each week, the division prize pool amounts will change. This is because the prizes depend on the number of entries into each draw.

While it’s not often that the Division 1 prize is won by more than a single ticket, the other divisions frequently have multiple winners. For example, Division 9 can sometimes have tens of thousands of winners across Australia. So while your chances of winning the Division 9 are much higher than those of winning Division 1, you’ll need to expect to share the jackpot with other lucky winners!

To give you a better idea of Powerball division prizes, take a look at this table that shows the prizes won for each System or Pick entry.

How do I claim a Powerball prize?

Oz Lotteries will automatically deposit your prize payment into your Oz Lotteries online account. From there, you can request a withdrawal of funds by cheque, direct deposit into your bank account, or into a valid PayPal account. Notably, all your winnings are tax-free!

When does the Powerball draw close?

Powerball entries close on Thursdays at 7:25pm AEST/8:25PM AEDT. You must ensure that you enter the draw before this time to avoid missing out.

What time is Powerball drawn?

The Powerball draw time is Thursday night at 8:30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT.

How can I watch the Powerball draw?

The Powerball draw is on 7TWO at approximately 8:30pm AEST/9:30pm AEDT every Tuesday night.

Where can I find Powerball results?

If you miss the live draw, there are a number of ways you can check Powerball results. When you create an Oz Lotteries account online, you can receive the latest draw results straight to your email inbox. You can also check your ticket or search past draw results via the Oz Lotteries website.

How can I read a Powerball lottery ticket?

In order to read your Powerball lottery ticket, you need to check the winning numbers against the numbers on your ticket.

The minimum numbers you need to win Powerball are two matching numbers from the first barrel as well as the Powerball number from the second barrel.

Are Powerball winnings taxed?

Australian lotteries like Powerball are not taxed. That means if you win Powerball you get to keep your full prize winnings. For example, if you are the only winner of a $50 million jackpot, you will get a cheque or bank transfer for $50,000,000!

What are the rules of Powerball?

The rules of Powerball are straightforward and simple. This is a round-up of some of the Powerball winning rules:

  • In order to play Powerball, you must be 18 years or older.
  • You can enter online or in-store through a registered reseller. However, you must enter the draw before the cut-off time of Thursday, 7:25pm AEST or 8:25PM AEDT.
  • The minimum amount of numbers needed to win the lowest division (Division 9) is 2 winning numbers from the main barrel and the Powerball number.
  • The minimum amount of numbers needed to win without also getting the Powerball number is 5.
  • If only 1 entry or 1 Syndicate entry is the winner of the Division prize, then the prize will go to that entry. If there are 2 or more entries or Syndicate entries, then the prize will be divided equally between those entries.
  • Winners are always contacted by Oz Lotteries.

Other Powerball rules to be aware of:

  • You have the option to cancel your Powerball ticket entry before the draw.
  • Disqualification can occur if the player is unable to pay the selling fee; the payment method is not accepted; there is reasonable suspicion of fraud; a malfunction occurs with a Computer Linked Terminal or NSW Lotteries’ central processing computer equipment; or a breach of any other game rules.
  • Prizes in a game of Powerball can include money, holidays, travel and accommodation. However, prizes cannot include alcohol or tobacco.

If you’re looking for more information, you can view the full rules of Powerball.

So now you know how to play Powerball

Now that you know how to play Powerball and how to increase your chances of winning, it’s time to buy your ticket for this Thursday’s draw.

Make sure you’re in the draw and get your tickets at Oz Lotteries today.

Which Sporting activities Betting Stocks To Invest in

Considering that the Supreme Courtroom overturned a federal ban on athletics betting in 2018, the practice has risen noticeably in the United States. The bans in the United States had been in area given that 1992, as a result restricting a legal sector for athletics betting to Nevada. Point out governments have been adopting legislation to allow for companies to carry out lawful betting on a large selection of athletic gatherings, the two in-human being and on the net since the ban was lifted.

The athletics betting sector is made up of enterprises that deliver alternatives and providers that enable buyers to wager on the consequence of athletic gatherings like horse or canine races and soccer and soccer video games. Some organizations in the market run as sportsbooks or sporting activities betting bookies, though many others source application and know-how platforms that let other businesses to operate as sportsbooks.

These companies also present other solutions, these as proudly owning and running casinos and internet betting sites. Flutter Leisure PLC (PDYPF), DraftKings Inc. (DKNG), and Caesars Enjoyment Inc. (CZR) are just a handful of of the industry’s major names.

Sporting activities Betting Shares With The Most effective Value

Boyd Gaming Corp. (BYD)

This corporation owns and operates gaming venues across the United States. It also has entertainment, dining, purchasing, and leisure services on its premises.

Gambling.com Team Ltd. (GAMB)

The Gambling.com Group is a electronic marketing solutions company for the international, accredited on line gambling sector located in Eire. This business publishes facts on gaming websites from all over the world, together with comparisons and reviews. It is not a gambling establishment.

Penn National Gaming Inc. (PENN)

Penn Countrywide Gambling is a multi-channel leisure firm that presents retail and on line gaming, reside horse racing, and sports activities betting. The corporation’s wholly-owned interactive division operates on-line social casinos, retail sports activities betting, bingo, and iCasino goods.

Athletics Betting Stocks Possessing Speediest Expansion

Boyd Gaming Corp. (BYD)

This company owns and operates gaming establishments through the United States. It also has eating, leisure, shopping, and leisure services on its premises.

GAN Ltd. (GAN)

GAN presents organization Software-as-a-Provider (SaaS) answers for on the internet sports activities betting and on line casino gaming. Its web gaming ecosystem system, GameSTACK, is applied in the two Europe and the United States. Buyers use the company’s program to manage their on the net sportsbooks and casinos.

Evolution AB (EVVTY)

Evolution is a Swedish agency that produces entirely built-in enterprise-to-company (B2B) reside gaming methods and licenses them. It is effective with numerous gaming organizations, together with both equally on-line and land-based mostly casinos.

Athletics Betting Stocks getting Most Momentum

International Sport Know-how PLC (IGT)

International Game Technology is a gaming alternatives provider established in the United Kingdom, like solutions for slot machines, sports betting, lotteries, and online casinos.

MGM Resorts Intercontinental (MGM)

Staying a world wide entertainment corporation, MGM Resorts Worldwide owns and manages planet-course hotels and casinos, conference and meeting services, dwell and theatrical leisure, dining places, nightlife, and retail retailers. A digital sportsbook is also operate by the firm for sports activities betting.

Evolution AB (EVVTY)

Evolution is a Swedish corporation that develops and licenses fully integrated small business-to-small business (B2B) reside gaming remedies. It collaborates with numerous gaming organizations, including online and land-dependent casino establishments.

Is It Smart To Spend In Sports activities Betting?

Sports activities betting is starting to be much more preferred, and it could be a very good solution for investors to diversify their portfolio into athletics betting investment decision choices, particularly as new sorts like app-primarily based betting develop into additional popular. On the other hand, investors have option solutions, these as ETFs, for individuals who want to bet on a wide-primarily based restoration.

What Is The Definition Of A Growth Stock?

A advancement inventory is a stock that is predicted to raise at a amount that is substantially greater than the current market ordinary. The the vast majority of these shares do not pay dividends. This is since progress stock issuers are normally companies that seek to reinvest any revenue to speed up growth in the shorter term. When traders buy progress stocks, they count on to gain from capital gains when they offer their stock in the long run.

Is Bitcoin Trading Viewed as A Type Of Gambling?

Investing cryptos these types of as Bitcoin or Ethereum is not gambling if you define gambling as “a match of possibility.” Buying and selling cryptocurrency is gambling if you define gambling as “a sport in which you can possibility substantially additional than you could manage to reduce.”

Who Is The Proprietor Of FanDuel Stock?

Sportradar will perform a “vital position in assisting FanDuel’s expansion within a US athletics betting landscape,” in accordance to the enterprise. Flutter Enjoyment, a mobile gaming business primarily based in the United Kingdom, owns 95 percent of FanDuel. Flutter has a industry valuation of $34 billion and is traded on the London Inventory Trade.

What Is A Gaming Industry Trade Traded Fund (ETF)?

ETFs in the gaming field are exchange-traded money that devote in casinos and athletics betting companies to match the effectiveness of an underlying index. Gaming resources preserve track of organizations included in on line casino and athletics betting, as very well as video clip video games and other types of digital leisure.

What Is A Blockchain Trade-Traded Fund (ETF)?

A blockchain exchange-traded fund (ETF) invests purely in a basket of blockchain-centered providers, very similar to a conventional concept- or sector-based mostly ETFs that invest in a individual bundle of unique equities. A blockchain ETF’s holdings are corporations that use blockchain technologies in their organization or devote in or earnings from it.

What Is A Go-Go Fund, And How Does It Get the job done?

A go-go fund is a slang expression for a mutual fund that invests in higher-danger equities in the hopes of producing higher than-normal profits. The intense technique of a go-go fund typically entails getting significant stakes in advancement shares. Expansion stocks come with a increased stage of chance, but they also have a better possible return.

What Does Heading Public necessarily mean?

Heading general public, also recognised as an first general public offering, is the act of promoting shares that were formerly held confidentially and are now receptive to new potential traders as per preliminary community supplying (IPO) for the initial time.

What Is A Reverse Triangular Merger, And How Does It Perform?

A reverse triangular merger takes place when an buying agency makes a subsidiary that purchases the concentrate on corporation, and the concentrate on company then subsequently absorbs the subsidiary, resulting in the development of a new enterprise.

Since the subsidiary only has one particular shareholder—the obtaining business—a reverse triangular merger is easier to total than a direct merger for the reason that the getting agency can get control of the target’s non – transferable contracts and assets.


Finally investing in athletics betting stocks arrives down to your individual chance frame of mind and your individual study, but with any luck , this guideline has provided you some ideas of what’s very hot appropriate now and which athletics betting shares we’d look at buying.

What Are the Chances of Alec Baldwin Going to Prison

Hollywood is not just glitz and glamour, charming film stars, and handsome actors walking on the red carpet. Unfortunately, in the history of films and TV shows shooting, multiple accidents have occurred, some of them being fatal. In October 2021, our hearts were broken by the tragic and absolutely unprovoked death of Halyna Hutchins, a director of photography of Alec Baldwin’s last film, Rust. Hutchins’ decease is not the first death caused by a firearm in a movie or TV show. However, it puts a spotlight on how firearms can be used safely in the entertainment industry and, moreover, whether they should be banned.

In brief, according to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department, a prop firearm was discharged by Baldwin during a rehearsal on the New Mexico movie set, killing the chief cinematographer and wounding the director. The film star claimed he was told the gun was safe and had no idea how it ended up loaded with real ammunition.

A series of fatal injuries have been occurring in the industry for years. Probably the most widely known tragic incident was the death of the unforgettable Brandon Lee, the son of the martial arts legend Bruce Lee. In 1993, Brandon was fatally wounded by a prop gun on “The Crow” film set.

The devastating death of Brandon Lee happened while he was filming a scene where his character, Eric Driven, is shot by some gang members. The prop crew had decided to remove the usually used gunpowder and make their own dummy cartridges. Sadly, they did not properly check the prop revolver and did not know that the primer was still inside the cartridge. Just like Halyna Hutchins, after the wrongful shot, Brandon Lee was airlifted to hospital but doctors were unable to save his life.

A thorough investigation was conducted back then but no culprit was identified and the actor’s death was determined to be an accident due to negligence. The tragic decease of Hutchins during the shooting of Rush has led to questions over whether Baldwin stands to face any criminal charges.

What Do Legal Experts Say?

What Do Legal Experts Say The more time passes, the less likely it is that Alec Baldwin will be charged with a felony. However, the investigation is not yet completed and a number of experts are giving their opinion on the possible outcome of the case.

Criminal Offence

Under certain circumstances, the tragic accident can be classified as involuntary manslaughter. According to New Mexico Statutes, this type of crime falls within the fourth-degree felony category which provides for 18-month imprisonment and a fine of up to $5,000. Furthermore, according to §31-21-10, a person who has served his sentence of imprisonment shall be required to go through a one-year parole period.

If prosecutors eventually decide to bring involuntary manslaughter charges against Alec Baldwin, they will have to prove that the actor has acted irresponsibly and discharged the prop gun although he had been warned not to. Proving his guilt, in this case, would be extremely complicated given how many people handled the fatal weapon before it reached Baldwin’s hands.

Civil Liability

Newsweek introduces another aspect of the possible consequences, that of civil liability. According to Nancy Gartner, a former United States District Judge and a current senior lecturer at Harvard Law School, there is a chance Alec Baldwin will face some lawsuits. In order for the terms of a civil lawsuit to be fulfilled, the relevant damage must be ensuing out of the defendant’s violation of a law, breach of contract, or another wrongful action. So now it is up to the investigators to thoroughly inspect all contracts concluded in relation to the filming of the Rush movie. Thus it will be determined who was obliged to do what and whether there had been any negligence that had unfortunately led to Halyna Hutchins’ death.

A civil lawsuit probably would not be a threat to the film star if he was just an actor. However, apart from playing the lead role, Alec Baldwin is a producer of Rush and this inevitably leads to more responsibilities and therefore more common points with the circumstances that led to the tragic accident. The New York Post published a text message from a member of the crew stating that several union camera people had resigned due to poor gun safety measures. According to the words of this anonymous lady, the replacement staff was not experienced with handling prop guns but despite that, the new people started working immediately.

The Position Producer and Its Real Meaning

The Position Producer and Its Real Meaning Having said that, you may think there is not much for the prosecutors to wonder about – Baldwin is a producer, he is responsible for everything that happens on the film set, so he is going to prison. Well, it is not that simple. The Rush film is an independent production and as such, it has multiple financiers and several people having the title producer or executive producer. Unless everybody’s contract is read in detail, there is no way to be sure who was in charge of staff recruitment or prop gun observance.

This is not the first time Alec Baldwin is credited as a producer. He was named an executive producer on “State and Main” and a producer on “30 Rock. The actor also starred in the 2016 film “Blind” where he received an executive producer credit as part of his deal as an actor without performing another producorial role.

Just a few days before the death of Halyna Hutchin, Alec Baldwin posted a video expressing his support to the IATSE members who were in negotiations for a new contract to protect their interests – working hours, salaries, safety measures. “Do what you need to do… You wanna go on strike? Go on strike! You got to fight!” he says. Furthermore, Baldwin talks about film producers quite critically and in an obscene way, so we don’t think he sees himself in this position.

Legal Actions Against Alec Baldwin

Legal Actions Against Alec Baldwin One of the laws applicable on the territory of New Mexico provides another opportunity to seek responsibility for the death of the 42-year old cinematographer. According to N.M. Stat. § 41-2-1 (2021), a “wrongful death” is a death that is “caused by the wrongful act, neglect, or default of another” and if the victim had lived, would be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit.

It is in this relation that the lawyer Kristina Martinez showed up, requesting to be appointed as a personal representative of the estate of Halyna Hutchins. In itself, her document does not represent an official civil action against Alec Baldwin but rather an appointment aiming at performing a supplementary investigation and potentially filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

If Halyna Hutchins’ family finally decides to move on with that legal action, this will not be the first lawsuit filed in connection with the case. In November 2021, Mamie Mitchell, the film’s screenplay supervisor, sued Baldwin and the other producers for loss of future earnings, ear injury, and court expenses among other damages resulting from the fatal shooting. According to Alec Baldwin’s lawyers, the accident should be dismissed as a working accident and any potential compensations must be sought after from the state’s workers compensation system. What is more, Mamie Mitchell has not yet proved any intentional behaviour on behalf of Baldwin and the other producers of Rush.

Before Mamie Mitchell, it was Serge Svetnoy who filed a lawsuit for negligence that has led to the tragic incident and caused “severe emotional distress” to the plaintiff. This legal action names several defendants including Baldwin as a star and a producer, David Halls as the assistant director who handed the loaded gun, and the weapons responsible Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. Serge Svetnoy claims to be not only Hutchins’ co-worker but also a close friend. He stated that no safety standards were implemented and thus the producers have allowed for a gun loaded with live ammunition to be pointed at people. Svetnoy used his personal Facebook profile to clarify his position: “I addressed my post to the producers of the whole world, asking them not to save money on the crew and hire the professionals.”

The last crew member to file a negligence lawsuit is Cherlyn Schaefer, the onsite medic who was the first to rush and try to help Halyna Hutchins. She stayed with the cinematographer until the helicopter arrived, supplying her with oxygen and applying direct pressure on the wound. From the case papers, it becomes clear that the doctor claims she has suffered “tremendous shock, trauma and severe emotional distress”. The legal action filed by Schaefer does not particularly name Baldwin but rather the film production company as well as Hannah Reed Gutierrez (armourer), Dave Halls (first assistant director), Seth Kenney (ammunition supplier), and Sarah Zachry (prop master).

Legislative Amendments Following The Tragedy

Legislative Amendments Following The Tragedy Whether or not any of the mentioned legal actions will lead to an effective sentence for Alec Baldwin remains to be seen. It is of high importance, however, the death of Halyna Hutchins not to remain just another event in statistics but to trigger legislative amendments that will contribute to film sets becoming a safe workspace for thousands of stagehands.

By the end of January 2022, the US senator Cliff Pirtle of Roswell presented a bill that would require all film set employees who handle guns to pass through a safety course provided by the New Mexico Game and Fish Department. In a statement, the senator expressed his opinion that talks about firearms use in Hollywood have been too broad and abstract so far and it is time to execute some real actions. According to the proposal, film companies that do not conform with the new provisions would risk being not eligible for state tax rebates. In the case of New Mexico, the film tax rebate can be between 25% and 35% which is a significant amount that can sometimes be indicative of whether a film will be snapped at all.

The Democrat-led Legislature has still not confirmed if it will bring the bill up for debate and a potential vote.

Even without new legislative provisions coming into force, some film companies and producers have already announced they are going to change the way shooting scenes are filmed. In an interview for Variety, Dwayne Johnson The Rock declared that Seven Bucks Productions will not use real guns anymore on the sets of any of its films. “We’re not going to worry about the dollars; we won’t worry about what it costs.” Another famous name, Eric Kripke, an American writer and television producer also made a similar announcement, stating that he will only use VFX muzzle flashes on his sets. His Tweet on the topic has more than 17,000 likes and is followed by hundreds of comments.

Bandar Albuliwi started a petition on change.org calling for a ban on the use of real guns in the film industry that has already been signed by more than 116,000 people. “We need to make sure that this avoidable tragedy never happens again. There is no excuse for something like this to happen in the 21st century. Real guns are no longer needed on film production sets” says Albuliwi in the petition’s description. Another initiative regarding a possible gun ban was the open letter signed by more than 200 cinematographers and other Hollywood professionals just a couple of weeks after the accidental death of Hutchins.

Let’s hope аll these statements will not be a lone voice in the wilderness and this time there will be a real change for the better. This is even more important than whether Alec Baldwin will go to prison or not.

Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams has started his writing career as a freelance author at a local paper media. After working there for a couple of years and writing on various topics, he found his interest for the gambling industry.

Daniel Williams

Seluruh tentang Permainan Slot

Apakah Kita tertarik bermain permainan slot online? Jika Anda mengenal semua permainan slot, permainan slot online dapat menjadi pengalaman yg luar biasa & mengasyikkan. Jika Anda terbiasa dengan aturan bermain, itu tidak hal yang tidak mungkin dilakukan beserta bermain mesin slot. Ada banyak manfaat yang Anda dapatkan saat bermain alat slot online.

Sekarang Anda bisa memainkan gulungan dibanding mana saja serta kapan saja. Tak perlu lagi order penerbangan dan mengantri di kasino dalam lokasi fisik untuk kesempatan memutar gulungan. Dimungkinkan untuk menemukan slot teratas dengan online dengan ponsel cerdas atau komputer pangku Anda. Saat ini, bahkan jika Kamu tidak memiliki koneksi internet, Anda siap memainkan slot kasino paling populer bahkan dari rumah Kita. Yang kalian butuhkan hanyalah komputer, koneksi internet, dan browser web.

Banyak yg percaya bahwa produk slot online tepat seperti bermain pada kasino. Namun, perlu Anda ketahui kalau saat bermain on line, Anda akan memperoleh banyak keuntungan secara bermain di kasino di dunia tampak. Untuk satu, itu semua tentang kesenangan. Tidak perlu menghindar ke kasino dan menunggu dalam susunan panjang untuk mengakses mesin slot kesayangan Anda.

Saat bermain di kasino darat, Anda mesti memperhatikan jackpot raksasa yang menang. Walakin Anda mungkin menemukan beberapa mesin secara layak untuk mesin slot di kasino darat, tingkat pembayarannya kecil. Sebagian gede pemain lebih senang bermain di internet digital daripada bermain alat slot. Mesin slot online menawarkan pengembalian yang lebih tinggi karena jumlah uang yang cenderung per baris.

Kasino online memungkinkan Kamu memilih berapa banyak putaran yang mau Anda mainkan sebelum memasang taruhan. Secara begitu, Anda bakal mengetahui seberapa raksasa uang Anda nantinya. Harus ada banyak maksimum 3 perempat per siklus. Setelah Anda membuat opsi, Anda akan diminta untuk memverifikasi judi bola Anda. Ketika Kita telah menerima taruhan bola Anda, itu akan dikonfirmasi dan kado uang tunai jackpot akan tersedia untuk Anda. Peluang memenangkan jackpot akan meningkat dengan jumlah kisaran yang Anda punya.

Saat bermain di kasino darat memberi Anda teknik untuk belajar tentang bagaimana sebuah mesin beroperasi, permainan slot online memberi Anda kesempatan untuk memahami fitur dan fitur mesin slot daring lainnya. Dimungkinkan buat memahami banyak simbol dan warna yg ditampilkan pada permadani mesin. Anda juga dapat melihat permadani mesin dengan perlengkapan lunak yang sudah biasa Anda unduh di komputer Anda. Banyak situs web utk kasino online menyelenggarakan slot gratis buat bermain game slot online. Yang Kita perlukan untuk bermain slot online gratis adalah koneksi internet.

Garis yg paling menguntungkan ialah faktor terpenting buat menang di sajian slot. Ada berbagai faktor yang mempengaruhi persentase pembayaran strip, termasuk jenis kisaran, jumlah garis pembayaran, gulungan, dan jackpot. Untuk memilih tisu pembayaran terbaik, Kamu harus memeriksa aspek-aspek ini. daftar situs slot , terdapat banyak jenis paylines dan gulungan di slot kasino bumi. Itulah mengapa Kamu harus membiasakan muncul dalam semua bagian jika Anda berhajat untuk bermain alat slot.

Progresif satu baris, slot bonus tinggi gulungan acak adalah khilaf satu yang paling populer. Ada jumlah lagi pilihan. Membuka situs web tersebut untuk detail akan halnya slot. Beberapa website menyediakan berbagai slot, sementara yang unik memberikan rincian pasti tentang setiap macam permainan yang ada. Jika Anda ingin membeli mesin slot untuk rumah, permainan Internet digital, kasino langsung, / bahkan permainan pada tingkat internasional, Kamu pasti akan siap menemukan informasi sahih yang Anda cari dengan online.

The astounding lottery profitable Cluster Influence and how to get various prizes with it — Silver Lotto

The keep hums all-around me as individuals purchase, and move in and out the doorway.

The lotto checker offers a beep as I pass my tickets less than the infrared reader – the same beep regardless of whether I acquire or not. I smile to myself… I ponder how many of these people know I’m successful all these tickets?

I’ll notify you why I verify my figures at the lottery retailer myself.

It’s easier to do since I am not tying up the team for 5 minutes each and every time.

But the serious motive is that around the yrs, by checking the tickets myself, I have discovered a consistent pattern. And this indicates I can adapt the successful sample to increase my odds.

I have located lots of styles, but the key one has been one I’ve stated in advance of. I get in touch with it the Cluster Impact. That’s when a quantity of profitable tickets are typically clustered jointly in just one area of my ticket sequence.

To check this outcome persistently, I make absolutely sure that I have all the tickets in purchase. That signifies when I at first loaded them out – some years back now in some scenarios – I make confident they are in the purchase I stuffed them in.

That suggests I can establish any winning cluster designs.

There can be as a lot of as 2 – 6 tickets in this cluster sample. Now there were 9 profitable tickets and 6 bonus tickets. I’ve experienced as numerous as 22 in just one activity.

And it proves a person factor…

The chance of multi-wins is extremely significant with my Method.

How can you advantage from it? The Pro Custom made Profiles are the types that pull in the finest number of achievement designs.

So going Professional is heading to benefit you the most. These are 4 sheets of loaded out Profiles, completely ready to transfer throughout to your tickets in a when-only stage.

Then you use each individual 1 as recommended in the LottoPredict chart. Professional is slightly dearer since they are hand-completed, but they will rocket your profitable odds enormously. I have gotten a 98% get level from Professional.

Indiana Sports Betting Cope with Tops $500 Million in January- Casino.org

Posted on: February 13, 2022, 02:47h. 

Very last current on: February 13, 2022, 07:49h.

Indiana sportsbooks set yet another history in January, as they broke the $500 million take care of barrier for the to start with time.

Purdue Pete
Purdue Pete, the mascot for Purdue University in Indiana, with his trusty sledgehammer. In accordance to data from the Indiana Gaming Commission, the state’s sportsbooks smashed the history take care of final thirty day period when they took a lot more than $500 million in wagers. (Graphic: Eric Francis/Getty)

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) described the state’s cell operators and brick-and-mortar web pages took $500.1 million in bets. That broke the past document, established in November, by $36.4 million.

Football, many thanks to the extra 7 days in the NFL regular season and the expanded postseason, definitely aided strengthen the full. However, Indiana requires its basketball really seriously, also. IGC info demonstrates that bettors put $192.4 million well worth of bets on pro and college hoops, as opposed to $118.3 million on football.

Parlay bets accounted for $122.6 million in wagers.

Sportsbooks documented taxable adjusted gross revenues (AGR) of $35.6 million. Indiana taxes sportsbook earnings at 9.5 p.c, meaning the point out been given $3.4 million for the thirty day period.

For the fiscal 12 months, which started in July, Indiana has documented a manage of $2.63 billion. Sportsbooks have acquired adjusted revenues totaling $204.6 million, whilst the state has obtained $19.4 million in taxes.

Mobile Carries on to Dominate Indiana Marketplace

Information from IGC exhibits that 93 % of the manage – $465.1 million – was wagered by on line applications.

DraftKings carries on to be the largest operator in terms of take care of, as it acknowledged $159.8 million in wagers for January. It took in revenues of $9.5 million. FanDuel described an on line deal with of $126.4 million, with revenues of $7.6 million.

Caesars Sportsbook took a full of $73 million in wagers, with $54.9 million of that coming online. Its overall AGR was $3.9 million, with $1.4 million won on-line. BetMGM claimed a manage of $5.2 million and an AGR of $5 million.

Indiana’s casinos documented a put together taxable AGR of $174.1 million for January. Once all over again, Hard Rock Northern Indiana reported the most significant AGR, with the Gary casino winning $28.6 million for the month. Horseshoe Hammond gained $26.2 million.

The condition received $50.2 million in wagering taxes from the casinos in January and $3.8 million in supplemental taxes.

New Athletics Betting App Coming This Month?

Presently, Indiana has 13 certified cellular athletics betting operators. Each casino in the point out is permitted to companion with three skins. That usually means there could be as quite a few as 39 operators sooner or later.

The up coming app to start apparently will be SBK, a sportsbook operated by British-based Smarkets. Details from the IGC displays SBK will get its authorization to launch its mobile application on Feb. 28. Indiana would be the next state for SBK. Now, the application is available for wagering in Colorado.

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Hard Rock Northern Indiana is the only casino amid the 12 at present working that does not have a sportsbook. The IGC did difficulty a non permanent vendor license to Tricky Rock for retail and on the net operations past month.

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Bookies Accept Bets for Next Conservative Party Leader

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2019 has sparked vehement disapproval on the island after reported cases of social gatherings held at Downing Street during Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Whether a forthcoming Conservative Party leadership election will take place in the United Kingdom as a consequence of the series of scandalous parties is a question the public is highly concerned about.

Considering Johnson’s vulnerable position at the moment and the fact that there is no shortage of potential successors, online bookmakers are already offering bets on who will the next Tory leader be. Along with betting markets on the probable future leaders, interactive bookmakers are offering odds as for the timing of the elections and a possible no-confidence vote. Some bookmakers are also posting prices on whether the current Prime Minister will be the leader at the next General Election.

Read on to find out more details about the intense situation and what the odds are in favour of several politicians who may become the next Conservative Party leader.

A Closer Look at the Partygate Scandal

Partygate Scandal As per an official report released by British senior civil servant, Sue Gray, a series of social gatherings were held at No. 10 despite the stringent restrictions imposed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We are looking further into the report, Johnson’s official statement in the House of Commons, as well as the public opinion on the hot topic.

Sue Gray’s Report

Sue Gray The investigation into the parties held on government premises has been published on 31 January 2022 and apart from Sue Gray, several other senior servants in the Cabinet Office have also participated in its compilation. The report focuses on several gatherings from May 2020 through to April 2021, all during periods of severe anti-pandemic restrictions. The investigation is backed by interviews, documentary and digital information, as well as e-mails.

According to information from the report, its goal is not to make judgments of any kind, as this is within the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police. Consequently, the police authority has confirmed launching an investigation on some of the events included in the report.

Considering the pandemic’s impact on the nation’s health, social life, and liberties, Sue Gray does not fail to note: “Everyone has made personal sacrifices, some the most profound, having been unable to see loved ones in their last moments or care for vulnerable family and friends.” Public anger was triggered as a result of what seems to be utter public irresponsibility in the conditions of unprecedented lockdown restrictions.

As per the opinions expressed in the report, representatives of the Government failed to meet the high expectations that were valid for the whole British population. Other than the lack of appropriateness of the said gatherings, the report also touches on the need for a vigorous policy on the consumption of alcohol in the working environment.

In conclusion, it is suggested that the events in question are to be duly addressed by the Government, irrespective of the police investigations.

Prime Minister’s Statement Following Gray’s Report

Prime Minister’s Statement The Prime Minister has initially claimed that the events did not break the rules and that he believed they were of a formal, work character.

Following the report by the senior civil servant, the Prime Minister has made a statement in the House of Commons on 31 January 2022. Johnson begins by simply thanking the people who have compiled the report and goes on to pass on his apologies. Further on, he expresses his appreciation of all the sacrifices people were asked to make during the Covid-19 restrictions as well as his understanding of the anger many are experiencing.

Boris Johnson continues his statement assuring that he is aware of the changes that need to be implemented and adds a list of the accomplishments, such as delivering Brexit, the handling of the health crisis, and the subsequent vaccination programme.

The politician concludes his speech by confirming that the Conservative Party is “going to bring the same energy and commitment to getting on with the job to delivering for the British people.”

The Public Opinion

British Public Opinion What would Boris Johnson’s political fate be and that of the Conservative Party is a matter sparking off intense public interest. Brits’ support for their Prime Minister seems to be dwindling every single day, as various surveys point out.

A YouGov research dated from December 08, 2021, inquires 5,523 UK citizens whether they believe the series of parties violated the strict Covid-19 measures. According to 54% of the respondents, those gatherings were definitely in violation of the restrictions, while 25% showed some uncertainty stating that the parties were “probably” breaking the rules. Only 5% are of the opposite opinion and another 1% state that no rules were disobeyed. Some 14% of the surveyed citizens are unsure of their stance.

As per another YouGov’s research conducted on January 25, 2022, among 3,559 adults, 62% of them believe that Boris Johnson should resign from his role as a Prime Minister, while 25% confirm that he should remain in his position. Some 13% of Brits do not express an opinion on the matter.

According to yet another opinion poll conducted by YouGov on the same day with 3,559 respondents, 74% of the UK citizens think that the Metropolitan Police have rightfully launched an investigation into the social gatherings held on Downing Street, while 15% assume that was wrong. The rest, i.e 12% are undecided.

Letters of No-Conidence

Letters of No-Conidence Given the Partygate scandal, Boris Johnson seems to be struggling to reassure MPs about his authority.

As per information, valid as of the first week of February 2022, a total of 15 Tories have publicly expressed an opinion that Boris Johnson should resign, and 9 of them have confirmed that they have already sent a no-confidence letter to the chairman of the 1922 Committee.

The latter is formally known as the Conservative Private Members’ Committee, which consists of all Conservative backbench members of Parliament. Should the Committee receive at least 54 letters, the threshold to prompt a confidence vote will be met.

In case the Prime Minister wins the no-confidence vote, another one could not be possibly held for one year.

Social Media Posts Regarding Partygate

Boris Johnson After weeks of reports on multiple parties and ensuing silence on the subject, the Prime Minister made a public statement in the House of Commons apologizing for the whole affair. The opposition leader’s speech, along with the subsequent jeering and laughter mirrored the public opinion across the whole nation, considering people were not allowed to meet more than a single person outside their household at the peak of the health crisis.

Despite Johnson’s remorse and apologies, and his logical desire to fight for his reputation, the situation seems to become even grimmer. The public outrage over the Prime Minister’s handling of the scandal during a health crisis is escalating as he faces daily calls to resign.

Does Mr Johnson have the moral authority to lead the nation and tell people to follow the rules while he does not seem to be doing so?

Who Has the Potential to be the Next Conservative Party Leader?

Conservative Party Former cabinet minister David Davis has shared the public opinion that Boris Jonson should relinquish his Prime Ministerial position, arguing that he expects his leaders “to show the responsibility for the actions they take”.

According to many, replacing Boris Johnson is not going to be an easy feat, as it takes someone who would be capable of revitalising a party that has been in government since 2010. As the Prime Minister faces the escalating jeopardy of forfeiting his leadership over the series of rule-breaking parties, online sportsbooks are offering an ever-growing variety of betting markets related to the hot topic.

Ladbrokes Coral Bwin Bet365 888sport
Rishi Sunak 13/8 13/8 7/4 6/4 5/4
Liz Truss 7/1 7/1 6/1 13/2 5/1
Jeremy Hunt 8/1 8/1 7/1 8/1 6/1
Tom Tugendhat 9/1 9/1 8/1 9/1 13/2
Penny Mordaunt 12/1 12/1 14/1 12/1 10/1

*The odds indicated on the table are valid as of the date of writing the report.

We are going to shed some light on the top five frontrunners having the potential to become the next Conservative Party Leader. Interactive sportsbooks are also offering bets on several other less probable alternatives such as Dominic Raab, Michael Gove, and Ben Wallace.

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak Born in Southampton to Indian British parents and graduated from Stanford’s School of Business, Rishi Sunak is a former banker and investment analyst. He has been Chancellor of the Exchequer since February 2020 and is believed to be among the richest MPs.

Other than that he is also one of the youngest politicians in contemporary politics. Sunak is recognized as the favourite to replace Johnson if the latter is ousted over the Partygate scandal.

Prior to being the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak was Chief Secretary to the Treasury from July 2019 to February 2020. He is considered by many as the most popular Conservative politician due to his polished personality and impeccable family. Due to the pandemic’s inevitable impact on finances, his measures have been openly criticised, as some workers were not eligible for the financial support of the Treasury.

Liz Truss

Liz TrussElizabeth Mary Truss has been a Conservative Party member since 1996. She is the current Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, a position she assumed in September 2021. She has occupied several other positions under Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May.

Although she was ultimately a supporter of Brexit, she is originally known to be affiliated with Britain Stronger in Europe, a group in favour of Britain’s membership of the European Union. She is also the first female Lord Chancellor in the contemporary history of the office.

Truss is believed to be Sunak’s main rival, as indicated also by the bookmaker’s odds. She has been appointed with the task of overseeing Brexit negotiations, which as some are arguing may undermine her leadership ambitions.

Jeremy Hunt

Born in 1966, and raised in Surrey, Jeremy Hunt studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford University. From July 2018 through to July 2019, he held the position of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Since January 2020 he has assumed the post of Chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee. The latter is charged with the task of overseeing the work of the Department of Health and Social Care, including the government policy, and the related expenses and administrative operations.

After serving during David Cameron’s and Theresa May’s term of office, Jeremy Hunt became the longest-standing Health Secretary in the history of British politics in 2018.

Jeremy Hunt finished a runner-up to Boris Johnson in the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election.

Tom Tugendhat

Tom TugendhatTom Tugendhat has been the MP for Tonbridge and Malling since 2015. Before embarking on a political career, he worked as a journalist and a public relations consultant in the Middle East, and occupied a part-time position as an officer in the UK’s Army reserves.

When inquired if he would take part in a potential Conservative party leadership contest, he confirmed that it would be a “huge privilege” to serve as prime minister of the United Kingdom.
Although Tom Tugendhat is considered an outsider to take over Boris Johnson’s position, his name is increasingly cited as a viable variant.

The Tory centrist goes on to express an opinion that he is not in the least embarrassed by his ambition to throw hat into the leadership ring, as serving his country has always made him proud.

Penny Mordaunt

Penny Mordaunt Yet another Tory politician with an eye on No. 10 is Penny Mordaunt, serving as Member of Parliament for Portsmouth North since 2010 and as the current Minister of State for Trade Policy. She has held also numerous other senior roles. Mordaunt is also known to be an avid Brexiteer and has written the book Greater: Britain After the Storm, published in 2020.

She is also the first woman to become Secretary of State for Defence in 2019. She held this position for three months, before being dismissed by Boris Johnson when he occupied the Prime Minister’s position. Several Conservative Party MPs have already expressed their support for Mordaunt.


It remains to be seen what the chances of Boris Johnson confronting an impending confidence vote are over the series of rule-breaking parties at No. 10. So far the Prime Minister is holding onto his role but provided the required threshold of no-confidence letters is met, a leadership vote is about to be triggered. Whether and when the required 54 letters will be sent to the 1922 Committee is a matter that will shape the imminent British political history.

Harry Evans

Harry Evans is a long-year journalist with a passion for poker. Apart from a good game of poker, he loves to write which is why he spent several years as an editor of a local news magazine.

Daniel Williams

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