Entered by:  Radoman & Van der Jagt  A handsome medium large cock with super silky feather.                        Goto: Overall Results

Mike writes - Following is the info on 2003-CU-ORI-557

Sire: 2001-CU-STO/CAN-1960 DKCK - Stickelbaut/Aarden

We purchased 1960 in 2001 as the high priced bird at the Stouffville/Cannington Cream of the Crop Sale as a
late bred because several (5 or 6) full brothers had scored in the top 100 of the Upper Canada National
e.g. 2001 1st section overall 20th, 26th, 109th etc 2836 birds, 2002, 2nd section overall 28th, 59th,
91st147th etc 3255 birds and 2003 2nd section approx 70th overall 2500 birds.

1960 is bred out of Sire 97-CU-BOW-477 Dk Ch Stickelbaut and 97-CU-BOW-482 Bl Bar Aarden the hit pair
of Charlie Findley Scugog RPC.

Dam: 2001-AU-OHF-12642 a full sister to 2001-AU-OHF-13708 detailed below.

2001-AU-OHF-13708  100% Aarden bred by Chris Peeman Oak Haven Farms.  In just two years of breeding she has become our #1 stock hen breeding 2nd overall Le Tour 2002ORI 555/03, 1st Le Tour 500 km and 3rd Overall Le Tour 2003 and first Combine 50 L, 1189 B, 276 KM mated to three different cocks.

Her sire is NR-4671-98 from Invisible AU-3343-96 and Witbuik Canada NL-1076365-92 (mother of Mr. San

Dam of 13708 is Nikita NR-966505-96.  Nikita is bred from The General of Jos Thone 93-Belge-5010558 and
92-NL-1076365 Witbuik Canada.  Nikita is a full sister of Mr. San Diego.

13708 is the result of a half brother half sister mating.  A prepotent inbred hen that clicks with any
cock that she is mated to.