"Captain Kirk"                     (AU LCC 93851/96)

Captain Kirk is a son of Patton by the Donker hen and inbred to the Golden Couple of Karl Meulemans.  His son, ORI 553/98,  was 2 x 1st and 2nd - including first combine 509 km, 71 lofts 977 birds and the only day bird from the 400 Open.  Captain Kirk is also sire to 00-ORI-CU-229 1st club 112 km and a top stock hen.  He also bred 1166 1st 384 km and Mike V's current #1 long distance widowhood cock.  93851's best son is 2002-CU-ORI-42.  ORI 42 was 2 x st, 2 x 2nd,  3rd and 12th Upper Canada National 228 lofts 2921 birds, no doubling.  He was also best old bird in the Orillia Club in 2003 and 7th Overall Up North Combine Regular series and 9th overall Up North Combine short series.  Had I kept him to one series, he would have been best bird in the Combine on either side.  I do not believe that any bird has ever finished in the top 10 of both series in the same year but I stand to be corrected.