The Eyes of Champions

On my recent visit to Ontario in October 2003, I had the opportunity to visit some excellent fanciers.  I thank them for allowing me to handle and photograph the eyes of their best pigeons and for their hospitality.  Also, I thank Mike van der Jagt for planning the itinerary, providing me with accommodations and chauffeuring me around.

The birds featured below have distinguished themselves as either flyers and or breeders.

For UNC Show Winners March 21, 2004 click here.

Mike van der Jagt


Belg 3094491/94      OHF 13702/01          OHF 13708/01        ORI 0042/02             ORI 0576/03             ORI 555 03             ORI 557 03

Richard Hoyle        Tim Mason


    ORI 0613/98                        Musk 0231/03        CU HF 0246/93         CU 21109/94           Son of  0246/93          CU 11389/01

Reg Fleming                                 Ron Hastie


  Barrie 8304/96       Barrie 8812/91                    StoCann 0167/01       CU 0048/97              CU 0441

Dave Rodgers


CU Miss 0033/95     CU ORI 0305/94      CU HV 0220 98        CU HV 0810/96         CU 20566/99       CU Barrie 3166/98    OSD 99245/99


   Cut Band 714          CU FN 2426/96     CU Barrie 9103/02     OSD 97195 97       ARPU 27051/02

Silvio Mattacchione


   "Phar Lap"              "First Edition"           "Victoria"             "Palm Springs"

Tony Alves


 "Jonge Mattens"          "Hustler"              "Game Cock"            "The Pencil"

Federation Loft




  "Captain Kirk"

Andy Larentzakis

  "Witpen Hen"