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Over the past 45 years, I have probably looked at as many pigeons eyes as anyone on the planet.  In my travels as a pigeon fancier and pigeon photographer, I have looked at birds on most continents and listened to 10,000 and more experts telling us what the physical attributes of those eyes mean in terms of homing ability.  On one particular day I looked into the eyes of more than a dozen National and International winners that performed at the distance.  I saw certain features in some of those eyes that appear more regularly than they do in the average loft.  

It is the task of the fancier to recognize these features and through breeding techniques ensure that the next generation inherit these same features to produce future champions.

All pigeons receive messages that tell them the way to go home.  Each pigeon has a different level of ability to "read" these messages.  This ability is what determines which birds make it to their loft from distant race points.  I believe that the eye plays an important role in the final outcome on race day.

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"Eye Photos Compliments of Nick Brent of Australia"

Green-eye.jpg (37506 bytes)

#1  "Mr. Golden Eyes" Terrific breeder of long distance performers.  Winner and prize winner several times from 730 km.  "Note a rare green eye with mountains and ridges in C/C."   Link

Yellow-eye.jpg (28363 bytes)

#2  Son of "Mr. Golden Eye" bred for stock and was only raced lightly.    Link

#3  This is an unusual eyed pigeon with a very small pupil.  It has been a very consistent performer for 3 years and won 11 diplomas.    Link

Brents-CA.jpg (24353 bytes)

#4  "This one has it all.  Super wide C/C with full C/A showing dual breeder and racer eye, which this bird has done both already"   Link  

Hard-weather.jpg (24608 bytes)

#5  Homed in the dark to win from 490 km smash race.  "This bird has exceptional 3/D all around and a wide C/A.  Also the full black C/C indicates he is a hard weather bird and breeder."

one-in-million.jpg (30522 bytes)

#6  Krauth/Bricoux cock    Photo of "Mr. One in a Million"

winner-435.jpg (33741 bytes)

#7  A Bricoux Winner from 435 km - a long distance specialist.  "Note the extra thick C/A around the pupil and a mix of speed and distance lines in the C/C."  

Jannsen-1.jpg (31847 bytes)

#8  One of St Clair's outstanding Bert Braspenning Janssens.  "A Janssen with an extra wide C/C and double 3/D step at 11:00 to 1:00 o'clock."   Photo

Double-winner.jpg (27600 bytes)

#9  A double winner at 279 & 615 km.  He has bred winners for the past 4 seasons paired to 6 different hens.  "This is a good example of a dual purpose bird, that is a breeder and flyer.  Notice the speed lines in the top part of the C/C." 

Fortune.jpg (26184 bytes)

#10  "This eye shows all the better signs for a dual purpose pigeon with a few extras between 4:00 and 10:00 o'clock.  Looking around the eye you will continue to see the extra build up of mountainous ridges in the C/C between 12:00 and 2:00 o'clock.  Notice the very thick C/A all around the pupil." 

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