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Tom was born in 1951 and was raised in Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada.  He has had pigeons and a love for them since he was 5 years old and expects to have them as a part of my life until his dying day.  Tom's enjoyment is in breeding and still owns the bloodlines which brought him success in 197l.   This success created an infatuation and respect for the Janssen Arendonk line of pigeons which exists to this day.  As you may also notice he finds the eyes of racing  pigeons both beautiful and intriguing , hence his involvement with them.

In 1971, as a 20 year old, Tom spent a months wages on a pair of pigeons from Jules Gallez, Belgium, the "De Oude Rode Vos" 64 Belg 6209869, a red check cock bred by Jos Liekens of Lier and purchased by Jules Gallez at his final sale.  He was a 100% Janssen of Arendonk and his 4 grand parents were: De Oude Vos '39, De Wondervoske'45, De Goede Geschelpte'45 and Vosse Witslag. The reason Tom asked Jules if he would sell him was that he had 3 of his daughters in his breeding loft and they came from 3 different hens. At first,  the bird was not for sale but a month later Tom received a letter from Jules stating that he would sell him, because Tom was a young enthusiastic fancier and "Vos" was getting old.  "De Blauwe Witpen Berte" 68 Belg 6565723 from the loft of Andre Berte was to accompany "Vos" to Canada.  She also was very well bred.  Her sire was the 2nd Ace Bird of the South Antwerp Union and her dam was out of the Foundation cock in the Berte loft, De Oude Rozerander.

This pair (click on thumbnail) bred ten 1st prize winners at every distance from 110 miles to 517 mile.  Including 1st at 410 miles (only 2 day birds) and 1st at 517 miles by half an hour (47 lofts 411 birds).  The descendants of this pair have produced many winners and Ace Bird winners ever since.  Their best breeding son was 71 EDM 743, "The Red Pied".   He is the foundation sire of my loft as it is today.   Vos and The Red Pied both were prepotent sires with great vitality and they proved it by their long life (both 21 years) and  remaining fertile until their dying day.  

In the year 2000, Tom had 6 birds on the drop from 500 miles and another a few minutes later.  Twelve hours on the wing and winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th (22 lofts and 224 birds).  All 7 of these birds are descendants of 743.  The actual winner being a grand daughter who went on to win the Ace Hen of the club.



Eye Photos Compliments of Tom Makowecki of Alberta, Canada


CU-2702-87.jpg (53093 bytes)

#1  87 CU 2702   "This is an excellent example of a foundation sire.  It possess all the best breeding qualities that have been explained in the tutorial."

CU-137-98.jpg (56489 bytes)

#2  98 CU 137  1st Ace YB Bird Short for Clarence Oosterveld, Guelph Ontario.   "This eye shows super qualities for any task.  This is a hard weather racer with all the breeding qualities.  When in doubt about pairing, make one a black C/C." 

CU-18132-85.jpg (30717 bytes)

#3  85 CU 18132   "A cock with a quality iris showing depth when looking at the lighter color which is lower with the build up color being high and lumpy.  The C/C is yellow over black giving the greenish tint in the sun.  This a dual purpose bird"

CU-77326-97.jpg (50383 bytes)

#4  97 CU 77326IS   "A bird with many qualities of a breeder.  The first two are the health ring and iris that shows depth.  The C/C is outstanding showing the double/sight ridge and long distance and speed lines throughout.  The double sight ridge is quite obvious from 6 to 12 o'clock."

EDM-3616-96.jpg (49595 bytes)

#5  92 EDM 3616   "This bird is very similar to one above but with a lighter colored iris that has the 3/D effect throughout.  The C/C also has a second step down along the edge of the pupil but at 1 to 6 and 7 to 9 o'clock.  Also many speed and distance lines are present. "

AU-977-89.jpg (46831 bytes)

#6  89 AU 977  " An excellent eye -  a bird that anyone would be proud to own.  All the best features can be seen with ease - distance lines galore and an exceptionally wide C/C."  


WL-1090-01.jpg (44104 bytes)

#1  01 WL 1090  "An extremely full iris showing deep 3/D quality all through the eye indicating that this hen is an excellent candidate for breeding.  The C/C is hidden by the full iris and the pupil is small."

01-CU14696.jpg (26396 bytes)

#2  01 CU 14696  "A beautiful dark eye with breeding quality showing throughout and serration of the C/C leading into the iris, as well as this hen possesses a small pupil.  If you look closely you can see the wide C/A from 11 to 4 o'clock." 

SP-681-88.jpg (36710 bytes)

#3  88 SP 681  "An exceptional breeding eye with maximum 3/D effect throughout the eye with mountains and valleys in rich color.  The C/C is unique with distance lines and a double sight from 7 to 9 o'clock. Note the C/C is much wider in the breeding area and the C/A is present if you look closely near the edge of the pupil.

EDM-1600-98.jpg (36044 bytes)

#4  98 EDM 1600  "The Ultimate Breeding eye in a hen with all the qualities for breeding present.  From the outer circle, the 3/D effect is present to the C/A seen clearly around the whole pupil.  A funnel like effect can be seen in the C/C from 2 to 10 o'clock and the double sight from 4 to 11 o'clock.  Also the C/C has an abundance of speed and distance lines."  

CU-1065-94.jpg (39518 bytes)

#5  94 CU 1065  "This eye is a close second to the one above.  The exceptional breeding qualities can be seen beginning with the depth through out the eye and a fantastic C/C with a double sight.  The C/A is visible with wrinkles near 4 to 8 o'clock which is another indicator of a super breeder."

EDM-2359-92.jpg (42656 bytes)

#6  92 EDM 2359  " An eye that initially may fool many.  This hen I believe is inbred because of the light color of the eyeball itself.  Even though the iris is of a light color it still shows the depth needed for a breeder.  From 10 to 4 o'clock there is a 3/D step to the C/C from the iris and another step down to the C/A from 11 to 3 o'clock.  Also the C/C shows many speed and distance lines.  

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