Malcolm Clements

Malcolm races pigeons in the strong Hunter Club in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.  Malcolm his been consistently one of the best flyers in the region.  His pigeons have become foundation birds in many lofts throughout Australia. 







McDonough.jpg (31005 bytes)

#1  McDonough

Black-Cock.jpg (57071 bytes)

#2  Malcolm Clement The Black Cock, the mate to the Spencer hen.  "This cock has an abundance of distance lines in the C/C."   

Spenser-Hen.jpg (43451 bytes)

#3  The Spencer hen, a breeder of smash winners 

Misfud.jpg (26763 bytes)

#4  Misfud cock produced 16 winners.  When mated to the hen below they produced many many winners including 3rd Union National.  They are referred as "Malcolm's Champion Pair."

Misfud-mate.jpg (37160 bytes)

#5  This hen has bred 10 winners

Eye-35.jpg (36384 bytes)

#6  This cock when mated to the hen below produced 10 winners.

Eye-36.jpg (36239 bytes)

#7  This hen won 2 x 1st Feds and a 2nd Fed.   

Young-Stock-Cock.jpg (32958 bytes)

#8  Young Stock Cock  "Double/Sight Breeder"

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