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                  "The Book" Bill Richardson                      of Hofkens International Loft

Bill "The Book" Richardson has been racing or involved in pigeons for over 30 years.  He grew up in La Crescenta, California and flew in the 200 member Mountain Concourse.  During his three full years of competition as a junior member, Bill twice won young bird concourse average speed, points twice and was the most consistent young bird flyer in the Mountain Concourse.  His biggest team of young birds was 28 pigeons.

Bill was also consistently one of the top OB flyers, however, because of the smaller young bird teams his largest old bird team was 17 pigeons.

When Bill turned 18, he joined the USAF and was stationed in Germany.  There he flew partners with a local fancier and visited a many lofts in the area.  When Bill finished his tour of duty, he went to a junior college in Alabama and visited several lofts in Columbus, Georgia which was right next  door.

In 1979 Bill moved to Tucson, Arizona where he attended the University of Arizona.  Here, he has been flying or breeding pigeons since 1981.  He is the only person ever to win at every race station in the same season and has been an All American award winner, Hall of Fame winner and President's Cup award winner.

Bill Richardson gave his first seminar at the San Diego Clubhouse around 1988.  Since then, he has given a seminar at the Desert Classic in Phoenix Arizona, two seminars at the FVC Snowbird race in California and the IF Convention in New York.  The topics at these seminars were eyesign and breeding.  Furthermore, Bill has been invited to professionally grade thousands of pigeons all over the USA.       


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Dew.jpg (42012 bytes)

#1  Foundation cock De Welches who has bred many winners.   "This is a dual purpose eye with all the features mentioned in the tutorial."   

Foundation-Hen.jpg (49390 bytes)

#2  The Foundation Hen (A94 B 929)   She is full sister to Mike Ganus's Topman.    Photo  "This is another dual purpose eye with all the features mentioned in the tutorial."

Great-1611.jpg (51051 bytes)

#3  The Great 1611".  Grand son to Smoulders "02", 7-1st and 65 prizes.  Grandson to the cluster eyed Great "015",  who bred many great pigeons.  Grandson to the #2 Herman, bred 5 -1st, and grandson to Jemal hen, bred 9 -1st and many diplomas.   "This is the UltimateBreeding Eye with all the best features."

A9.9hi-175.jpg (48487 bytes)

#4  a9.9hi175    "This is an example of an exceptional iris with the C/C showing many speed and distance lines."

a-95-ws-969.jpg (43852 bytes)

#5  a95ws969 hen    "This is another Classic Breeder with depth and distance lines".

634.jpg (41402 bytes)

#6  De Licht Blauwe  - Grandson to De Kleine Merckx.  4174 and 4175 below are two sons.  Full brother the Pearl Eyed Merckx.  "A superb iris with a step down to the C/C.  View the full C/A which drops one more step to show depth to the pupil.  This is an example of a dual purpose eye - The Complete Eye."

4174.jpg (42622 bytes)

#7  4174   "I am using this eye to show the base layer of the eye color which is yellow where the 3/D effect begins."

4175.jpg (55789 bytes)

#8  4175  A key foundation cock.  "This eye is being used to show white as the base color for pearl eyed birds when studying the 3/D effect in the eye."

a95b547.jpg (57035 bytes)

#9  (a95b547) Granddaughter to "De Rocket".  4174 and 4175 above are two sons.   "This eye shows exceptional dual purpose features in a breeding hen with a wide C/C and serrations leading into the iris and with a step down to the C/A from 3 to 6 o'clock.

Cluster.jpg (17948 bytes)

#10  "This photo shows a white or silver cluster as seen in pearl eyed birds.  Not all clusters are this large or stationary.  Most are smaller and move about in the pupil where you must wait for them to appear.  Those that are seen in eyes of red/brown eyed pigeons will appear to be yellow/gold in color."

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