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The photos below have been taken by Wally Tara.   Wally  has been photographing the eyes of racing pigeons for about 20 years. He has taken photographs of some of the most prolific breeders that he has had the privilege to see.  Those interested in studying eyesign will see some of the best on this page.  The purpose of providing you with these images is to see if there are any common features in the eye that make these birds such outstanding breeders.   Wally's aim as a photographer was to photograph the best breeders not the best eyesign.  This way we can determine if in fact great breeders have something in common in the eye.  Below you will find more of his great photographs of super breeders in Australia at:   EYESIGN IN RACING PIGEONS


                   Stan Graham

John-Lane.jpg (37899 bytes)

#1  John Lanes's foundation cock 

Stan-Graham.jpg (26429 bytes)

                                                                                                        #2  Son of Stan Graham's foundation cock.  A prolific producer and unbeaten in eyesign shows in Australia. 

Ollernshaw.jpg (34535 bytes)

#3  Ollernshaw Cock

Producer.jpg (51137 bytes)

#4  An excellent producer.

                   Fred Burton

FB1.jpg (34908 bytes)

#1  This is Fred's No.1 producing cock. 

FB3.jpg (45720 bytes)


#2  This is one of Fred's most prolific hen's.  "Double Sight"  


FB4.jpg (39764 bytes)

#3  Another one of Fred's most prolific producer's

FB2.jpg (47769 bytes)

#4   Violet eye cock and one of Fred's most prolific producer's.

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