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Eye Sign Seminar and Turkey Feast Raises over $1000 For Pickle Lake.

The Pickle Lake fundraiser was held at the Ivy Hall on 07 May 2006. In attendance were members from as far away as Bathurst New Brunswick (Andy Skrobot our celebrity judge and official photographer) and Chris and Connie Steacy from the Ottawa Valley Combine. 20 to 30 members also represented the host Up North Combine.

Before during and after lunch, Mike van der Jagt was busy judging eye sign entries and Andy Skrobot was busy snapping eye photos, processing and printing them. Dave Rodgers was super busy in the kitchen and the meal measured up to the usual level of excellence when Dave is involved. There was enough turkey (smoked and roasted), potatoes, baby carrots pie and ice cream to feed two armies. The delicious taste and quantity available made it impossible not to over eat.

After the feast and the picture taking, the three eye sign judges retired to chambers with a full set of 8 ½ by 11 full color high quality eye sign photos of each entry to select the winner. The overall quality of the entries was very high and several were worthy of a first place finish. Congratulation goes to Drake Richardson as the overall winner. His entry was one of the finest yellow eyes that I have ever seen. The other results were:

2nd Lou Petrozza                                                                                                                                    3rd Frank Eichhorn                                                                                                                                 4th Richard Hoyle with a 2006 youngster                                                                                              5th Garry Balkwill

Honourable mentions went to Bill Sheridan, Rick Morris, John Pfiffer, Connie Steacy, Chris Steacy and Rob Marshall. (see all eye photos below)

Garry Balkwill won the main raffle prize, a $150 value of Chisholm Trail health products donated by Chisholm Trail and Connie Steacy. Also raffled were two bags of feed donated by Edward’s Farms of Innisfil ON, your Baden and Moore’s dealer. Thanks Dave.

Others deserving thanks include Tony Paszterko who donated an outstanding Frank Tasker youngsters that was auctioned for a very tidy sum, Bill Sheridan for working the door and his usual tireless efforts behind the scenes, Varmint Control for sponsoring the photography expenses and last but far from least Mike van Kempen for the turkeys.

Thanks to a little hard work and the generosity of our sponsors, the Canadian Shield Marathon Classic from Pickle Lake is in rock solid financial shape. In fact, not only is this year’s race fully funded, I can already guarantee another race in 2007.

Everyone in attendance enjoyed a great pigeon experience and a high end dining treat. Thanks to one of the world’s foremost eye sign photography specialists, Andy Skrobot, show entries received a full size glossy colour eye picture of their entry on the spot. Judging the eye sign show by picture was a unique and very interesting experience. It made it very easy to discuss the eye qualities and explain our picks.

All in all it was a very enjoyable, educational and rewarding day. Now, off to the races. On display at this event was a gold plated sterling silver ring that is an exact replica of the Marathon Classic prize.

Will you win the solid gold real McCoy on July 1st?

Mike van der Jagt

Pickle Lake Website: Click Here



#1 - 01 CU BARRIE 8049 Drake Richardson         #2 - 96 CU 5822           Luigi Petrozza    #3 - 01 Belge 6478890    Frank Eichhorn    #4 - 06 CU ORI 105     Rick Hoyle    #5 - 03 CU ORI 598    Gary Balkwill
 HONOURABLE MENTIONS in alphabetical order by fancier
         95 CU 29590          Robert Marshall    05 CU BORDEN 5417   Rick Morris         01 STOCAN 146         John Pfiffer
           99 CU 14010           Chris Steacy            04 CU 16801          Connie Steacy 00 CU BORDEN 2907   Bill Sheridan