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Breeding, Genetics & General Articles of Interest


Shewmaker Genetics    

Articles by Bill "The Book" Richardson

Various Articles by Dr Gordon A. Chalmers DVM

Various Articles - RPRS  (In the Loft)

Prisco Racing Pigeon Loft

Successfully Breeding the Racing Pigeon   By Silvio Mattacchione

Pure Strains      By Silvio Mattacchione

How do you pair your breeders?   (Ask Ed - Siegel Pigeon)

General Genetics   By Inge Fagerli

Homing Pigeon Genetic information for colors and patterns   By Ron Huntly

“Sex Linkage” – What does it mean?

Using Sex-Linked Matings to Tell Sex of Offspring by Plumage Color

"Mate these two birds together, Knucklehead"

Pairing Pigeons by Jos de Zeeuw - Part I    Part II    Part III    Conclusion


Correct Line Breeding    By "Sky Pilot"

Bull System Made Easy - by Nigel Cowood

Pigeon Navigation Multi-Day Forecast

Pigeon Navigation - Rupert Sheldrake

Navigation and Homing in Pigeons - Gordon A Chalmers, DVM

A FEW THOUGHTS ON BREEDING by Dennis Barrie McCarthy

Pigeon Radio

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