Mike van der Jagt Loft

Offered at Auction

 Sunday 21 October at Schomberg Lionís Hall

Doors Open at 10, Auction starts at 12 noon

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A Blended Family Selected by Performance

Casaert (Invincible Montauban), Bandit, Janssen/Meuleman & Aarden


Approximately 30 Summer Bred Young Birds


From the Loft of Mike van der Jagt

 Flying with the Orillia Racing Pigeon Club and the Up North Racing Pigeon Combine


A Complete Round off the Widowhood Team

 And The Best of the Breeders - Nothing Held Back


I am a small team flyer.  In 2007 I started the season with 14 widowhood cocks and 12 yearling cocks.  The yearling cocks were flown mated to the short program races only.

I flew the entire old bird Up North Combine 23 race program, La Sarre Dash for Cash and Pickle Lake with the 14 widowhood cocks.  Half the team went long and half went short on alternating weeks for the entire program up to and including Nakina 518 miles.

 After minimal losses and culling, 8 of the widowhood cocks will remain on my team for next year.  There will be one round of youngsters off each of these 8 cocks.  All 8 of these cocks are race winners or arrived on the drop with the winner and most are multiple race winners.

I will over winter only 6 pair of stock birds.   Three of these cocks are retired champions from my widowhood team, another is a prepotent (5 of the first 6 youngsters he bred won races) grandson of the White Bandit that I bred and trained but never raced, one is a straight Aarden that I also bred and raced as a young bird only.  All have bred multiple race winners.  A sixth cock is a grandson of 019.  He is foundation quality and has bred multiple combine winners with different hens.  He is now 11 years old.

There is no room for average or good pigeons on my race team or in my breeding loft, only excellent pigeons.  It is critical that each and every one is capable of winning a race or breeding a winner.

Quality over quantity.  I never train during the race season, have low loft maintenance (my birds get zero medication during the races) and a single bag of feed lasts the entire series.  Check the CU yearbooks for my results.  

For additional information or a complete sales list contact:

Mike van der Jagt

139 Westmount Drive North, Orillia, ON L3V 6C6

Telephone (705) 326-5812

Email mrvanderjagt@yahoo.com

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