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The last of the entries arrived this weekend.  The final entry list stands 147 birds.  Of these 3 have not responded to our health management system and no longer are on the team.  Two youngsters remain in quarantine and the prognosis for them looks positive.  Another is nursing a hurt wing.  A couple became victims of the hawk and a couple more  were lost around the loft and hopefully will return.  I suspect the hawk had something to do with these departures.  I am pleased to report that the hawk has not been seen for over a week. 

Managing the Le Tour entries has been a challenging experience because birds have been arriving over a 6 week period.  I am quite encouraged with the general health of the birds.  Morning droppings are firm and compact.  There are some loose droppings but they are very hard to spot and don't look too menacing.  Very few birds have thrown up their feed.  More than half of the birds are in a heavy molt and some of the earlier arrivals look quite impressive as they move into the latter part of their molt.

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June 17th    The birds were let out to exercise at 6:30 am.   A group of about 100 flew for an hour.  At 8:00 am a group of 20 were still refusing to land even when I called them in to feed.  At 8:15 I sped off to work and noticed the last bunch land on the roof of the loft.  I was late for work.

`June 23rd    The birds were taken off darkening at the beginning of the week.  The youngster became a little lazy during the earlier part of the week and were reluctant to fly.  It's amazing what increasing the barley content can do.  By Friday the birds responded by exercising well.  For example, this morning they were let out for exercise at 7:30 and most were still airborne at 9:00.  A small group of 15 continued for another 10 minutes.  This evening they flew strongly for an hour.  Unfortunately there is still a group of 20 who are not exercising well and some have been here since early May.  These I call "bad attitude adolescents".  They are lazy, defiant, unmotivated and all they want to do is eat and sleep.  I am quite familiar with this behavior.  I see it every day at school.

Here I have a much easier solution.  Training will begin next week.      

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