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July 25 - 31

July 28th

The birds have not been loft flown but are just resting in the loft in preparation for the next 200 km race Thursday 07/24/04.  I will try to loft fly them after the Moncton race and if the hawk problem continues then they will have to be trained at least twice a week to 70 km.  They are in quite good condition now so through feed management and training I hope to maintain their condition this way between races.

July 31st

Yesterday the birds were not exercised.  By mid-afternoon the temperature in the yard was approach 32 C with the humidex value close to 40 C.  It was an ideal day for a bath.  This morning the birds were let out to exercise and all but one disappeared.  This particular bird just refuses to fly around the loft but has flown all the races.  This morning most birds flew for good 30 minutes and a third of them flew close to 60 minutes.  My defensive measures to deal with the hawk were limited this morning because the neighbor was having his roof shingled and his wife was having a yard sale.  And the neighbor across the road was having a mini-family reunion.  The birds exercise period went without incident.

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