Long Distance Specialty Club

Inaugural Flight June 29, 2004

From Rose Hill near Bathurst, NB

The following participants shipped 28 birds: Jim Grant 1090 km, Robert Rotiroti 1127 km, Mike van der Jagt 1105 km,  Garry Balkwill 1105 km, Hoss Yassein 1083 km, Joe Martire 1088 km, Rene Falkenham 1121 km, Tim Mason 1080 km, Louis Forget 1134 km, Peter Larmand 1134 km, Bob Stewart 1061 km, Thomas Mattacchione 1095 km and                       Tony Alves 1129 km

I arrived at the Bathurst "International" Airport at 4:30.
The birds were in the "Dangerous Goods" section of the cargo room. We just can't win.
I picked up the birds immediately
and put them in the back of the truck for a short trip to their overnight lodging.
By 5:00 the birds arrived at Skrobot's Bed & Breakfast where they were immediately given rooms for the night.  The drinkers were full of fresh water and the feeders full of corn.
The cocks were assigned the red room
and the hens blah room.
After considerable consultation the following morning, at 8:00 am the decision to release the birds was made because of favorable weather conditions. There was virtually no wind, although mostly cloudy the sun could be seen and blue patches of sky where visible everywhere.
As soon as I got to the release point I began preparing the baskets for the release and called Mike V for further instructions.  The following is part of our conversation:
Yes Mike, Yes Mike, Yes Mike...........  God I'm glad he finished because the mosquitoes are eating me alive.
The way home is straight ahead.  It was very calm, cloudy but quite bright with blue patches of sky everywhere.
I am listening to Mike doing the countdown.   10, 9, 8, 7, 6...... "slow down I'm not ready".  He's always in a rush.
And they're off at 8:45 am
and in the right direction.
Oops!  The birds turned around and are flying down Rosehill Road to Bathurst which is the wrong way.
Then they disappeared over the trees in an easterly direction.  I guess they want to do some sight seeing and visit the beach first.
At the release point the weather remained favorable for the balance of the day.  By 9:30 and for the rest of the morning as the sun rose higher in the sky it was cloudy with frequent sunny periods.  A 12:30 a light shower fell for about 15 minutes.  I knew it was raining because the fog horn on my solar powered high-tech lighthouse only goes on to the sound of my dogs barking, Margie yelling at me or the sound of rain hitting its roof.  Since neither the dogs were barking nor was Margie yelling then it had to be rain. The balance of the day remained mostly sunny with little wind.  Since weather changes normally move in from the west, the birds should have had a good start to their long journey home.