PEDIGREE   BAND # AU 02 Magic 1288 (Pure Grondelaers)

Viking Loft

Bjorn Bjornson  (250) 384 7021 

 SIRE: 92-WWC-2517 (Casanova)

DAM: 97-OHF-8343 (Diamond Doll)

G. SIRE: 88-AUTO-2517

Very nice son of the Jan. Sire to many top breeders around the world.


G. DAM: 88-WWC-2680

Dam to 19th Snowbird 1990, daughter of the Rooster x Newspaper hen.


G. SIRE: 88-WWC-2410



G. DAM: 88-Belg-5175052

"Diamond Blue" -              1st 567b, 3rd 1262b and 8th National 17,343b.  Grondelaers said, "I never sold a better young bird racer".

NOTES: Bred by Robert Gonzalez.   "Diamond Blue" is the daughter of the fabulous "Bourge Pair" which was the best breeding pair of Jan Grondelaers during the eighties.