WPG 00 9417

"9417"is off the best Smeulders breeding cock in my loft, "Maximus".  "9417" won 3rd overall in the Alberta Classic in 2000 and in 2002 bred MAN 0012/02, 1st 500 km and 23rd Overall winner in the Le Tour 2002.  As well this cock has bred excellent racers in the local club.  He bred 1st 480 mile old bird winner as a yearling (WPG 0023/02) Bl Wflt hen, on the drop with loft mate and over 1 hour ahead of the 3rd bird.  Also in 2004 he bred CU 1007/04 Bl Wflt cock - 5th Overall, 2nd Sprint, 11th Long, 7th 400 km & 5th 500 km.