"Maximus"  CU 97 OKV 77330

"Maximus" is the best Smeulders breeding cock in my loft.  With different hens he has bred winners such as ace birds at short, middle and long distances and futurity races.  He bred WPG 00 9147, 3rd Alberta Classic 2000, 17th Devore Classic 2001 , 2nd (on drop with winner) 500 mile race in the Winnipeg Club 2002 and 5th OA Le Tour 2002 & 2nd 500 km.  He is the grand sire of CU 1007 - 5th OA, 2nd Sprint & 11th Long Champion, 7th 400 km (1s drop) & 5th 500 km Le Tour 2004.  Maximus is a direct son of Fred Goodchild's "Blue Max".       Pedigree