Flying Record


Loft Pics




I began keeping racing pigeons as a kid in Brandon Manitoba and became interested again in Winnipeg in 1981 after meeting Omer Van Walleghem (the Godfather of Canadian Racing) who lived across the street from my sister. Watching his birds exercise pushed all the old buttons and after visiting him, I went away with a pair and that was the beginning of my re-entry into the racing pigeon sport.

I built a loft 8’ x 12’ and then arranged to get a permit to keep pigeons as there was and still is a By-Law in effect involving the City and the Health Department where a permit to keep pigeons  would be mandatory and re-issuing of the permit would be an annual requirement . A "conditional use permit” is issued , allowing up to 150 pigeons to be kept on  the property and an annual inspection of the lofts by the Health Department takes place. 

Since that time back in 1981 the loft has expanded to 8' x 40' (in two sections separated by a large aviary) which includes two stock lofts which enables the switching of mates and pairs more easily.  The part comprising the racing loft at the south end is divided into two components which makes it possible for me to fly both hens and cocks on the celibate system and in spite of all the advice to the contrary, the birds fly equally well and usually at or close to the top winning short and long races, Ace Birds etc.

I am always looking for better birds to supplement my already successful team and enjoy the breeding and the racing both. I believe that to truly test the flying merits of any new arrivals it is an investment in time, three years, to know whether they should go or stay and of course, a number of different matings is important. Also, bring in the best you can from the best flyers.

I fly a number of different strains or families and have done well with imported Silvere Toyes and Roger Mortvedt Van Hees from the US and Smeulders Janssens originating years ago from Fred Goodchild in Alberta to name just a few. Other good fancier’s birds are represented in my lofts including Andy Skrobot from New Brunswick of Le Tour des Maritimes fame.