1ST Annual

                  EMPIRE CLASSIC one loft race

                                Hosted by Judy and Jim McInnes......Empire Farm

                                                        RR4 Brighton On K0K 1H0 Canada

                tel: 613 475 6052               fax: 613 475 6053           email: jim.mcinnes@sympatico.ca

                                                        Web site: www.eijerkampamerica.com

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          We are located on the North Shore of Lake Ontario, 1 ½ hours east of Toronto and 1 hour west of Kingston. The area was originally settled by Empire Loyalists and is prime farmland although the urban expansion of Toronto is creeping closer each year. Our residence is a Victorian brick farm house built in 1846. Registered Polled Hereford beef cattle and Judy’s pet “Dallas”, a registered quarter horse, can be seen grazing on our pastures. Our wood lot boasts majestic oak, maple, white pine, ash and cedar. A truly spectacular setting for the lofts, our racing and breeding lofts and our new Empire Classic loft.

           As well as an ideal setting for your Classic birds, we offer a high degree of experience, skill and success in the management of racing pigeons. Our credentials and successes are as good as anyone in Canada, for example we have won more 1ST National Loft and Ace Pigeon Awards than anyone in Canada. We traditionally have very few losses in the races even when others are experiencing heavy losses, a huge benefit for anyone entering our one loft race.

            We hope to make race day a special occasion, not only for the winners but also for everyone attending. It will be a golden opportunity to meet old friends, develop new friendships, watch some birds race home and enjoy our complimentary lunch.


RACE DAY: Sunday Sept 3, 2006 (or next favorable day). Come early to finalize  your pooling and last minute activation of birds. Owners have until 11 am on race day to pool and activate their birds. After 11 am  anyone else can activate and pools birds. We will also hold a loft calcutta, 100% paid out to the winners. Complimentary  refreshments and lunch will be served.


DISTANCE: 350 miles (approx) from the North course. We can get various types of races from the north. Sometimes a tailwind, sometimes a headwind but most often a side tailwind or side headwind. Most of  the race course is bush land and lakes with the last 50 miles over  farmland.


SHIPPING DATE: Saturday Sept 2, 2006 at 4 pm. Owners can handle their birds before they go into the shipping  trailer but you must be at Empire Farm by 4 pm. If you arrive late and your bird has been  placed in the trailer you cannot handle your bird. Complimentary  refreshments will be available.

WHEN DO YOU SEND YOUR YOUNGSTERS TO EMPIRE FARM?  Birds must arrive at Empire Farm April 15 to May 7, 2006.

CANADIAN BIRD ENTRIES:  Empire Classic bird entries from Canadian  fanciers  can be delivered in person to Empire Farm or can be shipped by Air Canada to Kingston Airport.

 AMERICAN BIRD ENTRIES:  Empire Classic bird entries from American fanciers can be delivered by Air or in person or by US Postal Service to:

                 Mike Bator                 

                 154 Homestead Drive, North Tonawana, NY 14120, USA

                 tel 716 695 2451

Empire Classic organizers  will handle  getting the American birds  across the border and we  will pay the expenses for our American  friends. You only have to get your birds to Mike Bator and we will get  your birds safely to Empire Farm.



2 BIRD TEAM: $300 ($225 capitol and $75 perch fee) payable  with delivery of  birds. This pays for one bird entry in the Classic race, if both birds are available for the Classic the second bird can be activated (up to 11 am on race day) for an additional $300. Please make cheques payable to Jim McInnes.

5 BIRD TEAM: $900 payable  with delivery of birds. This pays for a three bird entry in the race, if more than three birds are available for the race the additional birds can be activated (up to 11 am race day) for the perch fee only ($75 per bird). FREE capitol entry for  your additional two birds, SAVE $450.

Please make cheques payable to Jim McInnes.NOTE: If the owner of any 5 Bird Team entry does not have a bird  available for the 2006 Classic you get a FREE 5 Bird Team entry for the 2007 Empire Classic (you pay  2007 perch fee only).


 PLEASE REGISTER NOW but don’t  send money until you send your birds.


PAYOUT: All birds in the 1ST drop are equal 1ST and share equally in the               accumulated prize money. Electronic clocking order  will determine the remaining positions and prize money after the 1ST drop. The discretion of the loft manager, Jim McInnes,  will determine the 1ST drop and his decision will be final.

PRIZE MONEY  (based on 300 paid entries) :

1ST prize *****$30,000 ***** 2ND prize.....$12,000**** 3RD prize.....$8,000****

4TH prize.....$5,000**** 5TH .....$2,500**** 6TH to 15TH prize....$1,000****

Note: 100% of capitol prize money will be paid out.


PRIZE MONEY (based on 200 paid entries) :

1ST prize*****$20,000***** 2ND prize.....$8,000**** 3RD prize.....$4,000****

4TH prize....$2,000**** 5TH to 15TH prize.....$1,000.

Note: 100% of capitol prize money will be paid out.


 POOLS: Pool sheets will be mailed to all who enter. Pool money must be in our hands by 11 am on race day. After 11 am and before 12 noon any person can pool birds in the pool category that has not been taken by the owner. All pools will be posted on the board for all to see before the birds arrive home. 

Note: 100% of Pools  will be paid out.


ACTIVATION OF BIRDS: Activation of birds by their owners must be done by 11 am race day. After 11 am race day but before 12 noon race day any other person can activate  birds not activated  by their owners.


AUCTION OF RACE BIRDS: After the race the top 25 birds  will be auctioned on the internet and the proceeds will be paid out as follows: 40% to owner, 40% to handler and 20% to the Canadian Cancer Society. All additional birds will be returned to their owners, if desired, at the owners expense. Birds not claimed will be removed at the discretion of Empire Classic organizers.



Classic birds  will be management by Judy and Jim McInnes. All birds will be darkened so that the feather will be outstanding for the big race. The birds  will be given top quality grain mixtures and Porilan floor dressing  supplied by ELIZABETH FEED CO. The Empire Classic birds  will be maintained on the CHISHOLM TRAIL Health program and products. The UNIKON electronic timing system will be used for recording training results and for the Empire Classic results.


Our main means of communication with our Empire Classic participants will be our web site: www.eijerkampamerica.com

We will keep an updated inventory list on the web site as well as news about the birds and their progress. The longer training tosses will be posted on our site so that you can follow the progress of your birds. For those that do not have the internet we will send info out by the postal service.



Travelers from the west take 401 and exit 497 (The Big Apple), turn south to the village of Colborne and turn east on Hwy 2. Travel 6 km on Hwy 2 to Hunt Rd, turn south on Hunt Rd to 184. Travelers from the east take 401 and exit 509 (Hwy 30), turn south into the village of Brighton and turn west on Hwy 2. Travel 5 km on Hwy 2 to Hunt Rd, turn south on Hunt Rd to 184.


PLACES to STAY during the CLASSIC:

A variety of accommodations are available for our out of town guest. There are a number of excellent “Bed and Breakfast” establishments as well as a small motel in the immediate area. About ½ hour away are a selection of larger hotels.

For the camping enthusiast the Presqu’ile Provincial Park and a KOA campground are nearby. If you need more info give us a call.



The EMPIRE CLASSIC organizers  will settle any disputes that may arise and their decision will be final. The EMPIRE CLASSIC organizers reserve the right to limit participation in the Empire Classic. Judy and Jim McInnes, Empire Farm and Hans Eijerkamp & Sons WILL NOT have birds competing in the EMPIRE CLASSIC.


Help us make the 1ST annual EMPIRE CLASSIC a tremendous success! Your hosts, Judy and Jim McInnes. 


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