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On this page page you will see example of other work that I have done.

This is a collage that I did for a retiring teacher and a good friend.  The background is made up of selected pictures that represent some of his various responsibilities as a motor mechanics teacher.  In the foreground the picture shows Greg embracing a computer and in his right hand he is holding one of the tools of his trade.  Greg like many of us older teachers had to become computer literate near the end of our careers.  It was a challenge for many of us.  Greg is the perfect example of dispelling the myth that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".   So am I.


This is a before photo of Tom  Mackowecki's Foundation pair.  In this case the certificates were a bit of a challenge.  They are faded and not level with the rest of the picture and part of the left certificate is cut off.  Therefore both of them had to be completely restored. The background was also discolored and stained so I chose a new canvas background to mount the birds on.  Then with some color adjustments and sharpening an old photo has been restored digitally to virtually last forever in the same condition.