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On this page you will see several before and after examples of my work.

This photo was emailed to me.  The main changes are: color adjustment and sharpening, shorting and thickening of the neck, removing of the feather across the feet and curling down the middle toe of the back foot.


Here is another emailed photo.  The main changes in this photo below are: color adjustments, removing the flatness from the head, giving the front of the neck and crop area a nicer contour and removing signs of the molt around the neck.


This young hen just completed its 7th race for a total of 2100 km of flying.  I needed the photo immediately and could not wait for her to go through the molt.  The best thing about this photo is the profile.  As you see the rest has a lot to be desired and a major overhaul will be required.  Voila, a few hours of work and the molt is completed.


Please note that all the above pictures of these birds have good profiles.  Remember that the profile is everything.

The photo below presents an unusual challenge.  I suspect that because of the angle the photograph was taken from, the bird appears to be more shallow in the body than normal.  Also the head seems a little large for the body and in this picture it leans forward giving the bird a long appearance.  The following adjustments have been made: (a) the head was made a bit smaller and the face shortened (b) then the head with the neck were rotated and skewed to the right (c) the chest area was increased and more depth was added to the overall body (d) finally, signs of the molt around the neck were removed, color adjustments were made and the photo was finished with some sharpening. 


"The Natural"

Occasionally you will come across a pigeon that is very cooperative and gives you a great profile without any prodding.  I suggest you savor it because these photogenic pigeons are rare.