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                            Rosehill Loft Presents                            Le Tour Des Maritimes Futurity 2002 Auction

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Le Tour Des Maritime Futurity is a series of 7 races totaling 2000 km over one of the most challenging courses in Canada.  Just flying all 7 races and arriving home is an accomplishment.  Flying all races in race time can only be described as remarkable.  Birds are auctioned at the Alberta Classic Auction site. 

Note that birds will be shipped only to Canadian destinations by Westjet or Air Canada in early November and that transportation costs are always the responsibility of the purchaser.

Click on thumbnails for larger view and details on birds.  Sex is not guaranteed and physical descriptions are relative to other birds in the loft.

                1st                        2nd                       3rd                        4th                       5th                        6th



                  7th                        8th                       9th                       10th                      11th                      12th
         MIRPC 0277         ORI 0052            CU 16780              EC 2527               Man 003             CU 24532



                 13th                      14th                     15th                     16th                      17th                      18th



                19th                      20th                       21st                     22nd                      23rd                     24th



           CU 24569            CU 18473              EC 2339              CU 10909             Man 0012            ORI 0069
                  25th                      26th                     27th                     28th                      29th                      30th



                31st                     32nd                     33rd                  




           SC 310               EC 2531               CU 10919            CU 32153             ORI 0053              SC 0562




            CU 10911             CU 24552




          NRBC 4632          CU 10627              SC 0303              OKN 7099           CU 17561              EC 2512
         SC 0426              CU 16778            CU 10912               SC 0558             CU 24553             ORI 0031
           CU 24560            Man 0265             CU 17539            CU 24542             CU 24520             EC 2526
          CU 10908            CU 15156              MJ 2030             CU 24502            CU 10920             CU 10917