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The 3rd annual Le Tour Des Maritimes Futurity concluded with another successful season.  The summer was very hot and dry putting the birds through some very grueling flying conditions.  Even under these conditions, after 6 races and 1500 km of flying 60 out of 79 entered racers remained and 56 still qualified for the Overall Championship.

The final race was scheduled for September 18 but had to be postponed because of Hurricane Floyd.  All week, the weather prediction for race day was quite positive.  However, shortly after a fair weather release, the winds from another Florida Hurricane struck the Nova Scotia coastline causing a variety of weather conditions throughout most of the course.  Needless to say, none of these conditions were favorable. At home the weather was ideal.

Miraculously, a determined racer made it home on the day of release.  Fourteen more arrived home the following day. Eventually 21 racers reached their destination.

The Overall Winner was EC 1279/99, a blue white flight hen bred by Frank Schmidt.  This valiant racer flew over 14 hours to reach home 2 hours after sunset.  In my 40 years in the sport, I can't recall a more remarkable performance for a 6-month-old young bird.

Congratulations Frank!


Second place went to one of the hardest flyers to beat.  Lothar Schmitt who was 1st in 1997 and 2nd last year, once again scored 2nd with a blue pencil cock EC 1035/99.

Mike Tomshak's Cal 90816 was 3rd and the best of the Calgary entries.  This beautiful blue check cock bred to fly over the prairies of Western Canada did not let the foreign terrain of the Maritime Provinces effect his performance.  Another Calgary fancier, Wayne Beaudin did quite well by placing 11th with his mealy cock Cal 91417/99.


Bernie Reppa a Cape Breton flyer who placed 1st last year bred 4th and 6th positions, IF CMP 51/99 and IF CMP 50/99 for Scott Landry.  Another Cape Breton flyer, Bill Madore scored 5th Overall with his blue checker cock CU 14961/99.  His bird flew very consistently through the series placing 2nd from both 300's.

Walter Dimek from the State of Maine was 7th and 13th with BX 310/99 and NBRC 0904/99. Paul Bernatchez of Dalhousie, NB bred both birds.  Another flyer also did well with Paul's birds. Josh Ouellette placed 8th and 9th with CU 38750/99 and CU 38752.  In addition Paul's wife Linda also benefited from stock. She scored 12th and 14th with CU 38754/99 and 38755/99.  Although Paul's entries did not place he has the satisfaction of being in 2nd position going into the last race and breeding 6 birds that placed in the top 14.

Another fancier who did not place overall but bred excellent birds for others is Leo Boudreau of Campbellton NB. His uncle with CU 23891/99 was 10th. Boudreau bred birds had a remarkable series.  They scored 3 firsts, 3 seconds and a third.  A nest mate to 23891, CU 23890/99 won 2 firsts and was leading after 6 races and 1500 km of racing.  Unfortunately, this excellent racer failed to arrive from the last race.

Needless to say, the Le Tour Des Maritimes Futurity is a very challenging series of 7 races.  This is a headwind course that is either bordered by water or over water.  Because of this the racers must fly 100's of km further than they are credited.  Any bird completing this challenging series is a winner.

A thank you goes out to all those who supported the Le Tour and congratulations to all those who sent birds that were successful.

Andrew Skrobot