06 McLofts 238 (Blue Hen) "Super Crack Crusson Casaert"

McLaughlin Lofts

56569 Cascade View Dr., Warren OR, 97053   (503) 397 9563

 SIRE: Belg 98 3115298 (Bl Wflt)

“Super Bowl” - This cock has bred winners and his children have bred winners.

DAM: Belg 02 9165257 (Blue Check)

This young hen is spectacular!

G. SIRE: Belg 86 808671

 “Le Barcelona” 1st National Barcelona 1990 and a spectacular Super Crack Breeder.  Inbred "Jonge Super Crack" when mated to Samantha Fox" sire to multiple champion racers, National winners and Champion Breeders.

G. DAM: Belg 89 3145302

“Queen”. A direct daughter to “The Jonge Super Crack” and "Samantha Fox". Queen is a champion breeder.


G. SIRE: Belg 98 9147049

A champion race breeder bred down from all the superstars.  All the Casaert Champions in this cock!


G. DAM: Belg 96 9148087

A full sister to "Lady Di" and a daughter to "Invincible Montaubon" and Bronze" and mother to many champions and daughter to the foundation pair.

Eye Photo