06 McLofts 305 (Blue Check Splash)

McLaughlin Lofts

56569 Cascade View Dr., Warren OR, 97053   (503) 397 9563

 SIRE: WORSE 99 140 DC

"140" is the full brother to 1st New England Open 400 miles and the aunt to 1st New England Open 300 miles and numerous winners.  His children bred 1st Premier Race Series California 2001 and 2003 with the only day bird.

DAM: Belg 01 3228985  (Blue)

“Super Dome” Grand dam to winners

G. SIRE: Belg 93 6550603

Has bred new England Open winner and his children have bred New England Open winners.  A super breeder of Champions!  "603" bred 15 winners

A full Brother to "Invincible Montaubon" This top cock won the first national Montauban against 5,338 birds--this with 20 minutes in front.

Eye Photo

G. DAM: A super star Casaert hen.  Nothing but champions from her.


G. SIRE: Belg 91 3290721

“The Prins”, The world's greatest producing “Super Crack Crusson” “The Prins” bred 1st International Pau 1994, 1st National Pau, 2nd National Pau 98, 11th International Pau.  "The Prins" is an inbred son of the “Jonge Super Crack”, sire to multiple champion racers, National winners and champion breeders.


G. DAM: Belg 99 3237199

“Hilde” a direct daughter to “The Prins” when “The Prins” was mated to his half sister out of the great “Samantha Fox”. Samantha Fox flew four 600 mile races in 21 days as a late bred yearling scoring at the top each race and winning for years to come. She has a legacy of champions down from her.

The young from this pair are just perfect! They will produce champions!