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September 2007 Diary

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Week 1

September 1 - Stage 7, the Antigonish race was flown on Monday August 27.  Understandably, the birds exercised for only 15 mins on Tuesday.  On Wednesday they flew for 30 minutes and on Thursday they flew for 45 mins. I gave them a bath in the afternoon.  On Friday a light rain fell.  The strugglers were reluctant to fly more than 15 minutes so I flagged them once and the whole team flew for almost an hour in a steady light rain.  It seemed that once they got past 30 minutes of flying they got in a groove and flew more vigorously for the next half hour.  Isn't the beginning of an exercise period the most painful for us all.

Today the birds flew for 70 minutes without having to be flagged.  When I noticed they had enough I whistled them down and they trapped immediately.

The forecast for a Tuesday release has worsened from yesterday.  Tentatively, the race date for Stage 8 has been moved up to Monday due to this forecast by the Weather Network at St. Peter's.  Environment Canada's forecast is not as positive for a Tuesday or Wednesday release and more often then not the weather worsens.  The final decision will be made early tomorrow morning. 

Weather Network Long Term Forecast

Sep 2
Sep 3
Sep 4
Sep 5
Sep 6
Sep 7
  Sunny Mainly sunny A few showers Variable cloudiness Mainly sunny Sunny
High 17C 22C 22C 18C 19C 17C
Mainly sunny
A few showers
Variable cloudiness
Mainly sunny
P.O.P. 0% 0% 60% 20% 0% 0%
Wind NW 20 km/h SW 35 km/h W 25 km/h NW 30 km/h W 15 km/h N 10 km/h
Low 13C 14C 15C 13C 14C 13C


Week 2

September 6 -



Week 3


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