PEDIGREE OF:  08 WPG 5082,  Blue



Sire: CU 07 ORI  42 - 2nd Le Tour Testing Station for Mike van der Jagt.  See results and pedigree at : Dam: CU 07 CHAT 424 - From Wilbur & Nead 20th Empire Classic 20 miles 2007, 3rd Empire Classic 420 miles 2007.






Gr.Sire:GB 04 T 25173


Gr.Dam: 01 CHAT 836

CU 07 CHAT 424 - The mother of this pigeon is a Devrient import from Campbell Strange in Texas.  It has Mr. Magoo, Tainan Terro and Primo cock in its background.  She is likely my top breeding hen having bred many good racer for me.  Flown by Wilbur & Nead,  What a super pigeon, went to both races and finished the the top spots being a day bird in both the 350 with 20th place and the 420 Marathon being 3rd place.  Now if you look at the results for the CU Convention last weekend one of these breeders Walt Nead placed 1st winning it all.  It's not chance that these breeders are winning.  Jeff