Pedigree of: CU 04 VIC 702

                                                          Bjorn Bjornson  (250) 384 7021 

SIRE: "No Band Woutje" A gift from Nello Sirica of Edmonton.  A magnificent cock who lost his band.

DAM: 94 CU 2163

Gr. Sire: NL-81-8125564 Son of "Woutje" winner of 41 prizes and stock cock for Wout Smeulders for years.



Gr. Dam: NL-90-9028845 "Big Girl" a daughter of "637" Gr. Sire: NL-83-8386802 "02 Champion" winner of 5 first prizes and a total of 63 prizes (33 times in the top 10). Gr. Dam: NL-83-8386802 "Elizabeth" direct daughter of Blauw Witpen (Kkak- found hen for Borgmans Bros.

NOTES:   "CHAMPION 02" NL-83-8386802 CH. C. Bred by Wout Smeulders

Sire: NL-74-2366531. One of the best pigeons ever to fly the sky of Holland and winner of 15 pure first prizes and a total of 102 prizes in 8 years of racing.  Sire of champion pigeons and grand sire like Wonder boy 05 and 06.  2nd best Ace-pigeon of the Netherlands in 1990 and 4th best Ace-pigeon of the Netherlands in 1990. 531 number can be found in a lot of super racers pedigree.  Very few will admit to having such birds from Wout Smeulders direct or indirect.

Dam: Belg -78-6052555 Van Der FIaes hen bred superior racing machines with "531" - Champion 02 winner or 5 x 1st total 63 prizes in the years of 85- 86, he won first Ace-pigeon in combine winning 20 prizes each year.  As a racer he was a champion, as a breeder he was even better.  Some results of his offspring: NL-89-8907129 he won 1st 1500 birds total of 13 prizes; NL-88-8873205 he won 1st East Brabant Provincial 2788 birds total of 23 prizes; NL-88-8873202 he won 3 x 1st total 15 prizes as young bird and yearling (killed by a hawk); NL-87-8718055 winner of 34 prizes; NL-87-8718037 winner of 3 x 1st total 23 prizes; NL-88-2302566 as a yearling he won 14 prizes including a first, 2nd, 2 x 3rd and 2 x 4th ace bird short distance; CU-91-1702 she won 1st combine 947 birds as young bird, 1st combine 451 birds as yearling...the list could go on and on.