Pedigree of: CU 00 VIC 391

                                                          Bjorn Bjornson  (250) 384 7021 

 SIRE: 92 FV 1001 "De Charel"

DAM: 98 OHF 9929 (Direct daughter of "Harvey")

"De Charel" won 9 first prizes and 63 positions.  Owner: Rudy Noordman of Langley, BC, Canada Gr. Sire: 89 WWC 6224 "Harvey" was Concourse Champion up to 400 miles in Texas Gr. Dam: 91 NL 1768017

"Zachte Hen"


"Zachte Hen" Inbred 46 to Ellscamp Comb.  Foundation in NL. She was one of the top proven hens for Campbell Strange.  She is a grand daughter on the sire side and double great grand daughter on the dam side of "De 46" 65 NL 138496, 15 firsts Fed. and perhaps the best Janssen racers & breeder in history.  See Janssen Book.

"Harvey" won 1st 400 m, 2nd 200 m, 2nd 300 m & 4th 300 m North Texas Concourse.  He is a double grandson of "Schalie" 78 NL 1807899 who is the best breeding son of "De 46".  Campbell Strange said, " we can say without fear of contradiction we never owned a better Janssen than the "Schalie"