Pedigree of: CU 01 EDM 3743

                                                          Bjorn Bjornson  (250) 384 7021 

 SIRE: 91 CU 1496

DAM: 90 NL 9028845 (Big Girl)

Gr. Sire: 87 NL 2542965

Direct "Klak"



Gr. Dam: 89 CU 1602

3rd Englehart Open (=1st)


Gr. Sire: 75 NL 2467637

(Super Breeder)  Winner of 42 prizes.  Smeulders Foundation Cock.


Gr. Dam: 85 NL 8558578

(Golden Hen)



"Big Girl" is one of the last daughters of "637".  This hen was chosen as a young bird right out of  Smeulders team.  It took a lot of negotiating to get this hen from Smeulders.  He put a stipulation  -  if you're going to sell her, I'm not going to give her to you!  Quote, "This hen is worth gold".