"Perfect Storm" CU 38440/00 is bred from "Restigouche Red x Slate Beauty".

Perfect Storm was trained 100 km, 3 x 200 km, 2 x 300 km, 400 km & 500 km for a total of 2200 km.  

During the last week of September she with 14 other late breds were shipped to Sydney, NS (500 km).  The forecast was for cloudy conditions and a slight chance of showers.   At 7:30 am I consulted with Bill Madore of the Blue Nose Club about releasing that morning.  He reported overcast skies but no rain.  I told him the conditions were great in Bathurst but the forecast was for the weather to worsen considerably the following day.  I instructed Bill to release the birds when it got brighter.   Bill reluctantly released the birds at 9:30 am.  Very typical for Nova Scotia, within an hour, the weather conditions changed dramatically.  At 10:30 in Canso, 100 km from Sydney, heavy rains and very strong wind conditions came out of nowhere.  Lothar Schmitt reported the same conditions in the New Glasgow area.  For most of the day, these conditions existed throughout Nova Scotia; however, it was beautiful in Northern New Brunswick.

The sun set at 7:00 that day.  No birds were home.  Being a foolish optimist, I decided to wait outside a little longer.  By 7:20, almost total darkness had set in.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere and 9:50 hrs after the release, a lone bird dropped in.  Amazingly, CU 38440/00, "Perfect Storm" made it home on the day.  Her sister "Storm Warning" and another bird arrived shortly after 8:00 the next morning.  Needless to say, a remarkable achievement considering that the Le Tour birds flew from the same point three weeks earlier in 8:57 hours in ideal weather.  

"Perfect Storm" was presented to Bill Madore .  As a yearling hen she bred with 2 different cocks 1st & 2nd at 500 km.  These young birds flew the distance in 10 hours in 30 C heat and high humidity.  There were only 3 day birds in the club.  In 2003 one of these cocks as a 2 year old flew 880 km (550 miles) on the day in 12:00 hours.